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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Well, I've been suffering panick attacks/ anxiety worst than I had before so I am up-ing my pills a bit. Tried some new ones from doctor but all they did was make me feel worst- nauseated, the whole bit.

Also seeing a new doctor since I got back from the USA, so she is sending me a for a complete. Also, have an ultra sound scheduled in next few weeks. Gerry and I had some done in the USA- his detected something with his thyroid so he is going for that, and mine said fatty liver, although I dont feel like I am a candidate for that at all so we'll see.

Also started Red Light therapy at a local tanning salon. It's suppose to help with alot of different things. The worst part is its a scheduled appt. and those never work well with me- my anxiety always gets the best of me, but luckily its not more than a 15- 20 minute stay while there.

Found a $20 bill while traveling home and kept it- although we are collecting found change and donating- that $20 was just too tempting to not keep. We also collected .42 in found change and donated that to a local food bank collection box, along with all our pennies we had left from our USA trip. We dont use them here in Canada, but I imagine the bank still takes them.

Had our taxes done- and are waiting on returns so that's nice. I'd like to invest in a new floor vac and maybe a camera- both are on their last legs. We'll see.

Neighbor is also buying materials to replace fence we share with him- which is bad. We were going to get to it this year but since he says he will, we're ok with that. We will be staining it next year once it sits a year, and maybe they will just work on it on time off work- since Gerry got a job with him.. although Gerry is a supervisor. Helping with maintenance of lawns for businesses around towns, the cemeteries, etc.. It's hard for us to get used to him being gone and he has so much of his own work to do here. He says he will see how it goes- and I dont want to hold him back. The money is helpful but work does get in the way of life! LOL. Jakey is used to spending the day with him outdoors in the yard too so I am already seeing him being sad about him not being around. 

It's been staying cool here. The pussy willows arent even out. But at least the snow is finally gone. I want to get out walking but like it warmer than it has been for sure.

And how is everyone else doing?

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