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Monday, May 14, 2018

It's our daughter Erika's 26th birthday today. She was born as a preemie 2 months before my expected due date, weight 2 lb 10 ounces, back in 1992! Happy Birthday Erika!

Gerry got his passport photo re taken, and forms filled out, so will be sending that in today registered mail. ( As you may have remembered, we had a small leak in a part of the RV where the passports were kept and his photo on his got ruined. Customs told us for sure he has to get a new one).Getting a 10 year one again, but with the cost of the photo, the paperwork and mailing registered mail it will be around $205! 

We won a radio auction for 10 yards of limestone, saving us $45. Gerry will be needing it to bring up the back yard to make it more level to park the RV there, and as well he should have some for the front driveway too.

Hope everyone had a nice Mothers Day... I got phone calls from both my girls, flowers from one, scratch off tickets from Gerry and a few cards.

The weather hasn't been warming up at all since we got home. Either still cool or windy.Calling for freezing rain too in the weather forecast.

Gerry has been at his new job I think going on 2 weeks- part time and for the summer. Hired as a supervisor but since alot of the crew has yet to be hired, he is doing alot of work. Looking after graveyards and personal properties in towns and at the lake. Yard clean ups and lawn maintenance. Jakey and I have been quite used to him being at home these last few years of his retirement, so hard to get used to having him gone all day. The money will come in handy though, either way.

Also going to make some changes in RV. We are taking the hide-a- bed apart. Don't use it and could use it as storage instead, so Gerry will pull the mattress out of it and take the frame out and re-build it as couch/ storage unit. I wanted to see if the mattress is still in good shape thought to sell it. 

Do wish you all a great day whatever it may be you are doing.

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