5 Pro Tips to Take Your Gift Card Sales to the Next Level

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Right from general retail stores to businesses that provide services such as home cleaning and repairs, everyone needs to gear up to cash in on the holiday season. Among other things, gift cards are a hot-cake item. Considering there has been a steady increase in gift card sales in America, overlooking gift cards is like turning down money. The pressure of buying something for a long list of family members and friends encourages US consumers to hit the stores looking for great gift card deals. If you play your “cards” right (pun intended), you can capitalize on this shopping mayhem. While there is a definite opportunity, success with gift cards often depends on several factors. Following are 5 pro tips to get the most out of your existing gift card campaign.

Supplement your Plastic Gift Card Campaign with E-gift Cards:

While a lot of people visit stores to buy gift cards, many of them do not. Much like everything else, buying gift cards online is steadily growing in popularity. There are plenty of online gift card stores you can collaborate with. Just like Amazon and other ecommerce sites, they feature your store gift cards and E-gift cards and take a commission for each successful sale.

Go All Out, Order Gift Cards in Bulk:
A lot of store owners underestimate their gift card sales potential and order fewer gift cards than they should. It’s very important to trust your marketing strategies by stocking up on gift cards. When you buy custom gift card in bulk, you give yourself the opportunity to go all out in order to sell them. Remember, even if you have a few hundred left, you can always sell them next season.
Time it Right:
When promoting the gift cards, it’s important to start promoting at the perfect time in order to draw in the holiday shoppers. Starting to promote too early may cause customers to overlook the offers. On the other hand, if you are too late to put up those banners, you will lose half of the customers who are already done with their holiday shopping. If you are planning to target the Christmas crowd, start promoting your gift cards immediately after Black Friday.
Employ Decorated Holiday-Themed Display Stands:
A huge chunk of the customer base decide to buy gift cards when they are at the store. This is why it’s essential to trigger their shopping impulses by putting out a few gift card display stands. Apart from other locations in the store, make sure there are display stands near the POS counter.

Adopt the Three-Pronged Promotion Strategy:
What’s the three-pronged marketing strategy? It’s social media, banners, and word-of-mouth. Go to your store’s social media pages and start promoting the gift cards. Right from contest to funny posts, employ everything to get people involved. When we say banners, we mean printed advertisements. It can be banners, posters, danglers, or standees. Make sure all the offers are visible from outside the store. Also, consider putting up banners and posters in nearby locations. Word-of-mouth marketing happens when people start talking about your gift card offers. Speak to loyal customers about the deal and request them to pass the information on to their friends and family members. Also, mention the gift card deals to every customer who walks in.

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