How To Handle Pest Outbreaks on a Family Vacation

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

You deserve to get out of the city from time to time on a wonderful family vacation. However, you do not want your trip to be hampered by encountering bed bugs. Miami exterminators can certainly help you if you bring pests back home with you, but the best thing is to avoid carrying bed bugs when possible.

Be Cautious of Where You Stay

You should conduct plenty of research on the hotel you want to stay at well in advance. Be wary if there are a lot of reviews from people saying bed bugs are present. A good hotel will shut down operations entirely for a day or two while the building is fumigated if bed bugs get inside.

 Inspect the Hotel When You Get There

Before you unpack when you arrive at the hotel, you should conduct a thorough inspection around the bed. In the event you find bed bugs, you should bring it to the attention of management. They should be able to refund your visit. However, if the management is difficult, then it may be best to spend your own money to book another hotel room. It is preferable over having to deal with pests.

Avoid Cloth When Out and About

While hotels are breeding grounds for bed bugs, you can actually encounter them virtually anywhere. The pests can latch onto people’s clothing, and they can bring them with them on buses and movie theater seats. Avoid placing a bug or purse onto any carpeted or upholstered area. You should also avoid walking around in shoes made out of canvas or cloth. You can always contact  a best in country exterminator if you need help determiningif you do indeed have them.

Isolate Belongings

In the event you discover the presence of bed bugs among your belongings while you are still on vacation, it is paramount to isolate the clothing. That is why it is recommended to carry a few plastic bags with you on your trip. You can separate the clothing from everything else, and you can try to kill the bed bugs by tossing the bag in a laundromat dryer for one hour.

Check Belongings When You Return Home

Before unpacking back at your house, you should inspect clothes to see if bed bugs are present. You do not want to hang anything up until you do this. You may need to send the clothing to a professional who knows how to exterminate pests without damaging the fabric.

Contact an Austin exterminator immediately if you are concerned about bed bugs in your home. Most people catch them after they travel, so have fun on your next vacation, but also be cautious. 

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