Your Opinion Counts

Friday, June 15, 2018

I was looking back on some old posts and saw I did  "Your Opinion Counts" posts in the past, to compliment, complain and just plain ole share my opinion about products with companies, as well as request coupons from them.
Well, I'd like to bring that back again.

So today I chose 3 products that I called companies about today:

Jif peanut butter-We picked this peanut butter up while in the US. Called and made comments and asked for coupons- so will be getting free product coupons and other coupons from Smuckers Co. ( Please note this was from US company)

Nestle ice cream- No longer sends out coupons but have available different coupons on their web site @ Nestle

Robin Hood flour- No coupons to send out but they are sending some recipes out for me and said their coupons are from time to time on

Also be sure to get your FREE cookie when getting your Subway order.  Take the 1 minute survey after you do get home @
I was told today at our local Subway that I MAY be one of the only ones that brings my code back in for a FREE cookie!

** Update on post.. I was told by a few places already they no longer are sending out coupons and work with alot of online companies for printing coupons out so I guess unless I have a problem with a product, I wont be calling them.

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  1. I love Subway cookies! I never knew about the survey but will definitely do it next time I have a sub.


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