What's New For Us, For Sunday June 3

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Well we sure haven't had good weather, so havent been doing too much walking outdoors.

Fot the month of May we found $1.35 in change and still have to find it a home to deposit it too.. and will post here once I do. 
** Update: donated to local food bank change box at gas station

Sold our old patio set for $40.. and bought a 2 piece bistro set for $198 from Walmart, with a couple extra plastic chairs for $10 each and a rug for $52. Ordered a umbrella for over it- $100 from Home Hardware, that won't be in till mid June. We like the pergolas but they cost quite a bit. Just want something that will offer a bit of shade if we need it.

Gerry took down the old fence/ gate in the back yard and put up the new one, (which still needs to be stained)  and which goes a bit further back in the yard, but as well now we have the new back gate with a latch from the inside, as an added security feature. It will lock up at night and he'll unlock in the morning when he heads to work. Just so no one can get into the back yard during the evening once we're relaxing then off to bed for the night. 

Added some red mulch to the yard in areas around our trees to- brightens it up!

Totalled our groceries for back home here, for the month of May. We spent $868 CDN and that includes food for the dog and any cleaners as well. We have already determined we spent less in the US. We'll continue to track for the summer and see how the spending goes.

The passport office called Gerry the other day and told him they are returning his passport. Guess something with the spelling of his home town on his birth certificate that wadn't been flagged ever- and now all these years later, they want him to get a new birth certificate too, and then the passport has to re-submitted. Cost of a new birth certificate? $85! Then one that comes back, a re-do a re-submit for the passport and another mail out registered mail!

My results also came back from my ultra sound. I am told I have high cholestral.. although not sure how that could be with my diet - so feel it has to be hereditary, and an age thing, but either way, I have to look at my diet and see what I can change . As it is I struggle with diet changes with low iron. Hubby says I'm in a catch 22. Certainly either way dont want to go on medication. That stuff never does well with a person. You always need another pill to counteract the side effects of the first pill!

And how are you all doing?

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