Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Beating Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is something that can inflict us all, and because it can inflict us all we should all know how to beat it. To find out just how this can be done, make sure to read on.

Try to avoid bankruptcy in the first place

Obviously, the first port of call when it comes to beating bankruptcy is to not allow for it to take a hold of you in the first place. To do this, you simply must try to ensure that your cashflow is flowing at all times, even if it is just trickling along at certain times. What this is more than likely going to mean is cutting back on certain things monthly in order to have more money left over at the end of each of month than you usually do in order to pay your bills.

Get as much help as you can in regards to bankruptcy

Yes, bankruptcy might feel like an isolating experience, but having help with it could just be the answer you are looking for should you ever be questioning why you are facing it. You see, there are always going to be people more in the know in regards to the world of finance, and the world of bankruptcy specifically, than you. Whether these be professionals in the field, such as bankruptcy attorneys or financial advisors, or just simply people that you know that have gone through that financial turmoil themselves. The point is, whenever you can get an added insight into what it is like to have to deal with bankruptcy, don’t let you pride stand in the way of you getting it!

Never be afraid to file for bankruptcy

Yep, that’s right, if you feel like you or your business have gone bankrupt, then file for it. This might seem like the one thing you should be avoiding, but it’s not. It’s not because filing for bankruptcy can be the only thing a person can do to really give his- or herself the chance to really beat their financial plight — and this isn’t just about the financial aspect of it, either. No. by filling for bankruptcy a person can afford themselves the chance to clear their head, clean their slate and start a fresh. And, with the added support that comes with filing for bankruptcy, there is always going to be a chance for that person to find themselves back on their feet again in no time.

So, as you can see, there are ways to combat the financial plight that is bankruptcy. To do so, you just have to be willing to forgo certain things in life in order to ensure that cash is always flowing. You have to be willing to accept help on the matter from those in the know in regards to it. And you have to be willing to file for it if and when the time comes to do so.

Logojoy Shares "How To Create Your Logo"

Your company logo is a visual corner stone of a company’s brand which allows you with the use of a combination of text and visual imagery to tell people the name of your company and creates a visual symbol that represents the face of your company and business.  You want your logo to be a powerful symbol that associates your business in peoples memories with the use of colors, fonts and images.  For example, some excellent logos that have stood the test of time is the Nike swoosh, Apples famous apple and of course Target’s red bulls eye.  Having said that a logo should be potent enough to identify a brand, make it stand out and, ideally drive customer interest and sales.

Creating a logo can be very costly if you’re using a advertising agency or a graphics designer to create one for you, they will consider:

·          simply logos that people can easily recognize as soon as they see them
·         Are they scalable; can they be used for many applications, such as on your website, business cards, letter head, social media
·         Are they memorable and impactful to your customers and audience?
·         Are they verstatile?
·         Are they relevant, current and timeless?

As you can see there are many factors that go into the creation of a logo. I have found a great company called Logojoy which has put out a great resource called ‘How to Make A Logo’ which takes some of the mystery out of getting the right logo for your new business where you can work endlessly on your logo until you achieve perfection with Logojoy  to get the right logo for your business and to bring your brand to life all for FREE; once you have decided on the final cut you can then you can pay for it and download it and start using it immediately.

Logojoy offers all the same services that a designed would but at a fraction of the cost such as:

High resolution logos that are crispy and ready to use available in PGN files that can be used for websites, presentations, letter head, business cards and so much more.

Vector files SVG and EPS files that allow you to scale your logo up or down to any size without pixelating making your logo perfect for print.

Color options; your logo can go on colored and transparent backgrounds including a black and as well as a whilte version.

Brand guidelines; a downloadable resource with fonts and colors to use in your logo so you can achieve consistency for that winning logo.

Social media kit that has 40+ sized versions of your logo for all your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

Full copyright ownership; once your logo is purchased you own it; and it’s ready to use for commercial or non-commercial uses.

Lifetime phone support; logojoy is there to help you no matter what your needs are from helping you access files, tweaking your design or just even getting started.


Guaranteed unique; logojoy does not use templates but have AI technology that creates new unique logos for every one of their customers.
Endless mockups; they allow you to generate as many logo ideas you want for free. This allows you to experiment until you achieve perfection and you’ll only pay for that perfect one when you’re ready to download.
It’s amazing how much money you can save and how much you can learn using Logojoy that can be used in all your business designs.  

How To Invest Like You’re Wealthy…Even Though You’re Not

Money doesn’t make you a better investor at all. There is a huge perception out there that those who are rich always make more money than those who are not, and therefore make better investments. This is not the case at all and it is more than possible for you to invest like you’re wealthy, even though you only have a couple of hundred to your name.
Know the Facts
If you want to turn your small bit of cash into a large investment then the first thing that you need to do is know the fees of your investment. When you look at high net-worth investors, you will find that they focus on diversification. They also focus on buying things at the lowest possible cost. It’s important that you focus on investments where you understand the fees and taxes that are involved before you choose to commit to them. The total cost needs to be at the forefront of your decision-making process so you can really benefit from your income in general.

Don’t Waste Time
It’s important that you don’t focus too much on looking for the next big thing. Your investor may spend most of their time trying to do this but this isn’t always the way forward. It helps to look at lower-priced stocks as this will help you to make sure that you don’t waste your money by following the crowd.
Your Tolerance
Another thing that you can do is know your own level of tolerance when it comes to risk. You also need to know how much you can afford to lose. Choose a number and make sure that you stick to it. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you sleep at night and this won’t happen if you are constantly investing more than you can afford. Every good investor knows their end goal and they make sure that they achieve it.

Never Panic
Wealthy investors are much more likely to take a strategical long-term approach when it comes to their portfolios and they never ignore knee-jerk decisions from other investors. If you want to know more tips about this then the blog has a great source of information. Of course, if you want to find out everything you need to know then learn the trade while also doing your own investments at the same time.
The best way for you to succeed with your investment would be for you to do everything by the book and it can even be helpful to follow an online demo as well. When you do this, you’ll easily find that you can invest using fake currency and this is a brilliant way for you to learn how fast you need to be when it comes to exiting your stock.
Programs like this can also teach you about the various commodities that are available and how you could benefit from investing in them. It can also show you how volatile some of them can be, so it is an invaluable learning tool to say the least.

Casino Games To Play If You Want To Make a Living Out of Gambling

Whether you want to become a pro or you just want to supplement your income with winnings from the casino, there are games that should be a definite no for you and those that should make the cut. The one common denominator to help you choose whether a particular casino game is good or not is the odds. You can find casino game odds on NetBet Live Casino among others. Alternatively, just continue reading this short article for the top casino games a pro or someone aiming to win big should play.

Blackjack is one of the easiest casino games you can play and it comes with the best odds. For a better understanding, we will discuss the odds of all the games listed here in terms of the house edge. House edge simply means the potential average loss for every bet you place over the long run. Blackjack has a 0.5 percent house edge meaning if you place a $10 bet, the average amount you stand to lose is just 5 cents in the long run.
The aim in Blackjack is to beat the dealer. How do you do this? In simple terms, you have to outscore the dealer by a card count of no more than 21. Numbered cards carry their face value while an A is 11 if your total score is below 11 or 1 if it is above 21. All face cards count as 10.

Baccarat has a slightly higher edge meaning for every $10 bet, you stand to lose roughly 10 cents. For those who love the James Bond collection, you probably have seen Baccarat as it is James Bond’s preferred table game. There is no strategy involved in Baccarat everything is about chance. The aim in Baccarat in simple terms is to choose among these three, the player’s hand, banker’s hand or a tie. If you choose the player’s hand,for instance, the value of the player’s cards have to outscore the banker’s cards by no more than 9 for you to win. A tie occurs when both the banker and the player have the same value of cards.

Just like Baccarat, the house edge costs you roughly 10 cents for every $10 bet. For a beginner, this may seem like a tough game but it isn’t. In simple terms, you have to bet on whether the dice, when thrown by the shooter (one who throws the dice),pass a certain set of numbers or not. If it passes the number you called, you win, if not, you lose.


Roulette has two main variants having two distinct house edges. European roulette on average lets you lose 27 cents for every $10 bet place in the long run while American roulette on average lets you lose 53 cents for every $10 bet you place. Roulette is an easy and slow game to play combining both strategy and pure luck. The aim in roulette is to predict where the steel ball will land, whether in a red or black or in any numbered box from 1 to 36.