Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Have You Been In An Accident That’s Turned Your Life Inside Out?

The impact

When it comes to road accidents, there’s much more to it than the initial impact of the vehicles. Not only are the individuals involved suffering from injuries, but it can be completely life-changing, and in some cases life-threatening. It can be hard to get your routine back on track if you’ve dealt with severe injuries, as there are so many factors that you have to deal with before you’re back on your feet. Depending on the severity, you’ll likely be dealing with financial, mobility, mental and work problems, which can really throw you for a loop. The impact it can have on the rest of your life is significant.

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Your finances

Often if you’ve received serious injuries from a crash, you might find yourself out of work for quite some time, which means you have to find other ways to bring in the money to pay your bills. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, however. There are many methods that people use to get an income from the comfort of their own home, and many are suitable for those rendered incapable of travel or more physical based work.

Firstly, there are many types of job you can get an income from where you don’t need to leave home, and you can do just fine without too much moving about or heavy lifting. What you do depends heavily on your personal abilities, as the different jobs available will rely heavily on computer work. Often you have to work with specific software to complete reports or articles about various topics, which isn’t ideal if you struggle with using new tools and adaptive typing. Luckily, if you’re willing to look beyond the regular forms of employment, there’s a huge variety of skills that you can sell too!

When it comes to selling your own creations online, there’s quite a big market for people looking to buy personalised art and niches. If you can find your angle and own style in creativity, you might just be looking at doing commissioned work from a fun hobby! There are many sites where individual artists post their work to advertise or share with the community; this helps to gain exposure to a bigger audience thus making you more successful. The only downside to this is, you have to be very self-motivated and disciplined. You’re free to work with yourself, so the hours you pick are completely up to you.


If you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you’re most likely entitled to a certain amount of compensation. The amount of compensation you get would depend on the damage done, which likely depends on who was involved. As with common motorcycle accident injuries, the damage the driver is usually pretty severe and can do permanent damage. If you’ve gone through such an event, undoubtedly compensation should be due. Not only is it a just action, but it’s also in your best interest when it comes to your financial standing. If you’re hospitalized and put out of work; you’re already likely losing money as time goes on, and you also have to cover the damage bills too.

There are many services out there for you to reach out to, and it can make the whole legal process a lot easier to get through. Of course, it will cost money for you to higher someone; however, it can pay off should you win the case. Some victims may find themselves unable to build the case for themselves, which means opting in for the professional services is something they need.

The injuries

The injuries you receive from any accident can differ based on the state of the crash, some being more obvious than others. Most of the time, victims of road accidents are left in shock after it’s happened, which can make the whole situation confusing. In times like this, it can mask any internal injuries you might be suffering from too! Even if you can’t see the damage done, you should still seek medical attention immediately to make sure there’s nothing serious afflicting you. Some cases have known to leave severe concussion on the drivers, which is something that can affect you over a longer period of time. You might face symptoms of losing consciousness, nausea, ringing in your ears, slurred speech and many more. If this is something that you go without treating, you’re left vulnerable to any more injuries that could be caused by the symptoms. It’s much better to make sure you’re safe even if you feel completely fine. Not only that but if you have any internal fractures of bleeding, your accident can be much more severe than it looked.

Peace in mind

It can be hard to keep a steady mind after something so frightening, and it can carry many mental issues with it. Crash victims often feel forms of anxiety and PTSD after their accidents, and it can be tough to get over. There are services out there for you if you feel you need assistance with getting on in daily life, and possibly medication to help treat it. Without the treatment, something so much as getting back behind the wheel of a car can be quite a horrible experience for you, and you may find yourself unable to drive. You shouldn’t panic if you are experiencing these for long periods of time though, they are a natural reaction to such a traumatic event, and it’s something that can be treated.

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It can be hard to get your life back into gear following a serious accident, but there’s always a way for you to do so. Many are left feeling vulnerable and depressed with their injuries, and the recovery time for both physical and mental damages can take a long time, however, if you know where to look for the right help, recovering won’t be such a difficult process. Even if you’re suffering from depression, there’s medication can bring you back onto your feet over time; and many people use this kind of treatment every day. Nothing to be ashamed of!

The Beautiful San Xavier Mission in Tucson, Az

We left Phoenix this morning, and headed an hour and half south to Tucson.  Man the traffic was terrible going through Phoenix- and into Tucson not much better. Hard for us country folk to get used to the city! Everything too is so far to get to- driving wise. You really have to drive for up to an hour at least just to get to an attraction from where your parked... but there are interesting things to see.

Today we went to the San Xavier Del Bac Mission- a national historic landmark, founded as a Catholic Mission in 1692.It is the oldest intact European structure in Arizona. The interior is filled with an amazing original statuary and mural paintings.

We both lit candles at the church ( $3 each) and said prayers of healing for ourselves and others.

The church though is amazing and truly touches your soul being there.

             On Grotto Hill near church-( Was said this is a site where the Virgin Mary appeared- above.)

Tips For Paying Off Debt

Having debt is like carrying around a heavy weight on your shoulders. It can slow us down a huge amount and it is incredibly stressful to manage. However, there are ways that you can handle your debt and get them paid off once and for all.

1. List debts by interest rate
The first step to paying off your debts is to decide which one you want to pay off first. If you think about all the credit cards and accounts you have open, list them by interest rate and see how much you owe for each. At this point you will be able to transfer credit from a high interest card to a lower interest one, and then you can focus on paying off your debts with the larger interest first. This will mean that the high interest doesn’t keep building up and it leaves you free to focus on the rest of your debt.

2. Have an emergency savings fund
In life there is never a certainty that everything will be hunky dory. There will come a time in your life when something will happen which puts your financial stability in jeopardy. It could be that the company you work for goes into administration, you lose your job or something else. What happens to your when this happens? You need to make sure that you have an emergency fund to use if things ever go wrong, because it will be the only money you have to fall back on.

3. Make minimum monthly payments
Before you start looking into bill consolidation, remember that you not have to make the minimum payments each month if you are struggling. If you have always made the full payments you might not realise that there is a minimum, but a long as you stick to this you will not fall behind too much and you can easily make the money back the next month.

4. Create a budget
You will never manage to keep a stable financial situation if you do not give yourself a budget to stick to during the year. Each month you should take some time to look through your bank statement and see what payments you have made that are unnecessary and what you can cut down on in the following month. Set yourself a budget for food shopping to cut down on overspending and plan all of your spending and saving prior to the new month beginning. It will give you a guideline to follow and make it much easier to stay on top of making payments and saving money. You may also wish to check out credit cards that have the best grocery spending rewards.

5. Start laddering your debts

Once you have listed all of your debts by interest rate, you can start paying them off one at a time. Don’t start paying off everything at once because you will soon find it too overwhelming and land yourself further in debt. Start with the highest interest and once that is paid, move down the the second highest. Work like this until you reach the bottom of the pile and have paid off all of your debt.