Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Big and the Small of Tucson, Arizona

We had a wonderful day today visiting two great attractions in Tucson.

One was the Mini Time Machine- an interesting museum in it's own class , full of miniatures and wonderful collections. The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, is a state-of-the-art museum displaying an entertaining and interactive array of antique and contemporary miniatures as well as enchanting artifacts and collections.

The museum is like a time machine, where one can do a  self-guided tour through different lands and times both real and imagined. 
My favorite part of the museum was the very old doll houses in the History Gallery section. My mom would have loved to have seen these! Gerry said he was in awe of the whole place. The smallest details in some of the houses, and to learn that some took many years to complete is something else!

Over 400 miniature houses, room boxes and enchanting collectibles are part of the extraordinary collection in this educational and magical environment. 
We were even told of this possible haunted miniature house (below)- where items in the house have been known to move around or fall over! I always personally love a good ghost story!

The other stop for us was the Pima Air and Space Museum. A very interesting place as well! We did alot of walking there but there is the opportunity to take a tram around the yard to see all the planes as well. The Pima Air & Space Museum is one of the world's largest non-government funded aerospace museums. The museum features a display of nearly 300 aircraft spread out over 80 acres on a campus occupying 127 acres.

My favorite planes of Pima Air and Space Museum, were the old Air Force One planes and as well the ANA Boeing 727 Dreamliner which was incredibly HUGE!

Gerry loved the SR-71 Blackbird which was capable of flying 2, 193 miles per hour, and with a maximum altitude of 85,069 feet!

Also near the Pima Air Museum is the famous Boneyard at the Davis Monthan AFB. Please note it requires a  10 day advance registration, which went into effect this past November '17.

Be sure if in Tucson to make time to see both of these attractions- both are well worth a visit!

Get Ready! Tomorrow is National Popcorn Day (January 19)

National Popcorn Day (January 19) can be everyday with Vic’s Corn Popper and Stretching the One Income Dollar.

Popcorn is a great and inexpensive snack that can offer healthful options compared to other snack foods. For the best value, nothing compares to our Gourmet White Bin Buster where you can purchase 4 lbs. of fresh, tender and sweet popcorn for less than 60 cents per one-ounce serving. “Lite” and half-salt versions also are low fat, low calorie options, while providing whole grains, fiber and antioxidants.

All of Vic’s popcorn is prepared fresh and shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order. All online Vic’s orders receive free, standard shipping anywhere in the U.S. Vic’s also can accommodate specific delivery dates for customer birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

Vic’s offers you wide range of flavors to fit any taste, including Ranch, Yellow Cheddar Cheese, Caramel Peanut, Caramel Chocolate Swirl, and White Cheddar Cheese.  In addition to the Gourmet White and Caramel Chocolate Swirl, our customer favorites include Vic’s Mix (Caramel, cheese and gourmet white flavors mixed together).

Gerry and I have tried these and personally love them! But you'll really have to try hard to use the self control when eating!! Yummy!

Make Your Home Happy and Healthy With Essential Oils

Everyone wants to keep a happy and healthy home, but it’s not always easy. We come and go all day and bring with us all kinds of bacteria and germs. Add kids to the mix and there is no telling what they pick up throughout the day. We live in a fast paced world, so along with a variety of outside agents coming in and out of your home comes stress from work, fatigue, and other daily ailments and anxieties. Luckily there is a natural and healthy way to combat these daily afflictions: essential oils.

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts taken from various plant parts, like roots, leaves, or petals, and have been used medicinally for centuries for physical and mental ailments. There’s an essential oil for just about everything, and that includes anti-stress, anti-anxiety, energy, focus, and cleanliness. All things that help keep a household healthy and happy.

One of the most widely used and multi-purpose essential oils is lavender. Lavender is best known for helping to ease feelings of stress and anxiety. It also works to help remove bacteria and other microbes from surfaces. Along with lavender’s pleasant and soothing aroma, it has also been shown to calm the mind and nerves, helping with insomnia as well as stress. Studies have also shown that it may have the same effects as some antidepressants and anxiety medications. Lavender may also help to support the respiratory system.

Lemon is a fresh and invigorating scent often associated with cleanliness. It helps to support a healthy mood, energy levels, and metabolism. It can even help to  detoxify your body. Lemon is also a popular choice as a household cleaner. It contains properties that help to remove bacteria and fungi. Lemon has also been said to help with weight loss and has a number of other perks that are worth checking out.
Peppermint is another great multi-purpose oil. It is commonly used to relieve headaches. It has a sharp and invigorating smell also great for physical activity, like chasing the kids or hitting the gym. It is a natural coolant and fever reducer as well. Peppermint oil is great for focus too. Dab a drop on the temples or wrists during homework time to increase productivity.

Frankincense, while pricy, is a worthwhile oil. It can be used for anxiety, inflammation, headaches, and burns. It may also help to support new skin growth around cuts and scrapes. Like lemon and lavender, its useful for cleaning surfaces in the home.  While these primary properties are most useful, it also carries a wide variety of other beneficial uses.
Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is very potent and fresh. It is general purpose in several ways so it’s also good to have around the house, even alongside personal care and beauty product. Considering diluting it in with a carrier oil, honey, or other natural skin care base to help deal with skin blemishes and breakouts. Apply it topically to the skin after a wound has begun healing to help keep the area clean. Just be wary of putting on open wounds or broken skin as it will sting and is not safe to use directly. Similar to the above essential oils, it makes a great cleaner, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

There are many other essential oils out there that carry household benefits, but these are some of the most tried and true. Essential oils have a way of being fluid in their benefits for each user, and these multi-purpose oils are no exception. Consider keeping these oils on hand as a healthy and natural alternative to create and maintain a happy, healthy, and energized environment in your home.

Natural Healthy Concepts is a leader in educating people to change their lives through wellness and natural health. They have been offering education on essential oils, collagen, turmeric, and more since 2004.