Friday, September 7, 2018

2018 Back To School Lunch Bag Ideas

It won't be long before the kids are Back to School and we have the Back To School lunch bag ideas for all ages! Great ideas like:

Jack Links-

Your mom was right, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Nutrition research shows that people who eat a protein-rich breakfast make healthier food choices all day long. Luckily, there are some great grab-and-go options that make it easy to eat the protein you need on your way to work or school, or on a trip.

Jack Link's original Bacon Jerky is a favorite on-the-go breakfast protein that's perfect for busy morning schedules. Plus, Jack Link’s line of jerky and meat sticks are a low-sugar, high protein snack to throw in a backpack or school lunch bag- perfect for everything from powering up for after-school sports to post-workout recovery.

LÄRABAR Kid brownie-

LÄRABAR Kid brownie bars are a tasty blend of simple, gluten-free ingredients baked and wrapped in a pint-size package! Every bar is made with ingredients that parents can feel great about, like buckwheat flour and Fair Trade Certified chocolate chips for a treat kids are sure to love. Available in two tasty flavors – Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Mint Brownie – these bars are the perfect real-food treat to toss into a lunchbox for kids to enjoy at school.

Go Organically Fruit Snacks -

These great snacks are USDA-certified organic, made with real fruit, GMO-free, gluten-free and preservative-free. Tasty AND organic!

Watch this spot for more great lunch bag ideas- coming soon!

Floral Simplicity- "Greener " Scented Sachets For Your Home

Who loves to have their home smelling nice- or for that fact, their car, camper, etc..?

We should all have our hands up by now! And who loves high quality products for a steal? Yes, you too! Greener products? Yes you too! Brands and businesses that give back to charities? Yup that's you too right? Me too!

I came across a great company called Floral Simplicity selling scent sachets in more than 38 fragrances- so there's a scent for everyone. Their mission? To make the world a better smelling place, one packet at a time! I love their scents- from Spring/ Summer Collections to Bakery and Fall Collections. I can't wait for the Winter and Holidays to spread the smell of those scents throughout our RV as well, while we are on the road.

The packets can be used in so many places in your home. ( We even placed one in the RV). Drawers, closets, under the trash bag in the trash can, bathrooms, closed up trunks, you name it- there are endless possibilities!

We do want to mention another important thing, and that is that these packets are made with recycled paper and biodegradable inks and materials inside. Our very Eco friendly daughter Ria will particularly be happy that there's no chance of it floating in the ocean . She lives near the ocean and knows all too well how products can end up in the oceans.

If nice smells are your thing- you gotta check them out!