Five Ways To Enjoy Senior Travel On A Budget

Monday, December 2, 2019

You’ve (hopefully) reached a glorious time in your life where you don’t need to endure a family holiday with three grumpy teenagers bickering in the back of a camper van. Or, you still currently have to endure this and yearn for the time when you can go away by yourself, with your partner, or a group of friends without having a whole family in tow. 

Is your fear of overspending holding you back from treating yourself on travel? Here’s 5 ways to enjoy senior travel on a budget without breaking the bank.

Go With An Over 50s Group
Going with a group will help you avoid the steep prices traditionally associated with a solo trip, while still allowing you to visit the places you enjoy with a group of like-minded people. The best part of senior travel tours is that you often find your trip includes food, hotels, and entry to tourist sites to entice the savvy traveler to come along. 

Go Off-Season
One of the best benefits of being retired is that you can travel off-season and be flexible on your travel dates. You can look further afield at trips that you can book just inside of rainy seasons, or simply stay local but avoid your traditional school holiday dates. The best benefits of this are that your tourist locations are quieter, generally cheaper and locals may be even friendlier as you frequent their establishments outside of the regular holiday period. You’ll also avoid expensive flights, hotels and any package deals if you go outside of normal travel times. 

Look For Senior Discounts
Most hotels and holiday operators favor the over 50s. Considered more refined, with more disposable income, you might be surprised with the holiday deals on offer to entice and engage your audience. You might find these discounts readily available on existing travel sites, or check out any existing membership you already have (like car insurance deals) for all the best offers and discounts. 

Stay Out Of Town
Why not avoid your traditional tourist destinations and stay in a local village or ‘undiscovered’ holiday location? There are still thousands of beautiful areas with local tourist sites that would welcome you wholeheartedly just off the beaten track. Particularly useful for weekend getaways if you want to stay in a cozy little countryside B&B, or even stay outside of a traditional city destination and take a quick commute into tourist central.

Airbnb It
Airbnb is the perfect solution to achieving a budget getaway for the same location and quality as a full-price hotel. You might find yourself staying in a beautiful city apartment or even a themed treehouse by the sea. Additionally, a large portion of these are self-catered, which gives you the added benefit of buying and trying local foods. 

You can still spend your hard-earned money on a holiday if you take a little time to research all the rates and discounts that come with senior travel. Feel fantastic at 50 plus without breaking the bank.

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