4 Ways To Cut Down Wedding Costs

Monday, December 16, 2019

According to a report from WeddingWire, getting married in the US costs, on average, $38,700. For a lot of couples, the wedding becomes synonymous with debts. It's impossible not your resent your big day when you know how much it affects your financial stability. However, it would be foolish to assume that you can't have a memorable and wonderful wedding on a budget. 

More often than not, couples overspend unnecessarily in areas where it money makes little difference. Indeed, did you know that you could cut down your wedding costs without affecting the atmosphere and memories of your big day? Here are the top four culprits that blow off your budget: 

#1. Choose your wedding bands wisely

It's natural that you'd want to invest a reasonable amount of money in your wedding rings. They are, ultimately, a symbol of your love and your bond. Nevertheless, most couples tend to approach the jewelry market with a minimum price in mind, which means they might be missing on just as stylish and durable rings that are below their price tag. This is the case of a collection such as elgnt designs wedding rings, which the company is proud to offer at a reasonable price that brings the perfect compromise between quality and finance management! It can pay off to keep an open mind when buying your rings. Learn to manage money as a couple early on.

#2. Shop your decor and favors online

Of course, you want to find the best favors and decor accessories for your big day. However, you'd be surprised to know that the best place to find everything you need at a bargain price is online. Indeed, you can save a ton of money by doing your shopping online. First of all, you might be able to benefit from voucher and discount code apps such as Honey, which make sure you never miss on a good deal. But, more importantly, you can also enjoy bulk purchase discounts, which are perfect for favors and decorative items. 

#3. Keep it intimate 

Who needs a huge wedding? No, seriously, why would you invite 200 guests to your big day? You want to have time to cheer with your guests and celebrate with people who will be genuinely happy for you. In other words, small and intimate wedding parties are not only a blessing for your wallet, but they are also a lot more meaningful. While shrinking your guest list might be a difficult exercise, it's a fantastic way of keeping your costs down and enjoying yourself. 

#4. Embrace second-hand fashion

Your bridal dress is a crucial choice. In large cities, such as NYC, a bride would spend over $2,000 on her dress. On average, the cost of your dress varies somewhere between $1,000 and $1,600 across the US. While it might not sound like much, when you're getting married on a budget, it's a huge chunk of your finances going into a clothing item you only wear for a few hours. Therefore, choosing a pre-loved dress can be a better solution for your bank account and also for the environment. 

Keeping your wedding budget down doesn't need a lot of sacrifices. It's all about smart investments and decisions. You can throw a fantastic wedding party without breaking the bank, and you will not even miss the areas you've scaled down. So what's stopping you from making your wedding a financial dream come true?

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