Our December 2019 Expenses While In The USA

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

So we've come to the end of another year...and another month while in the USA for us.

I am a bit disappointed that we have spent the most this month on food than we have in the 3 years I have been keeping expenses. Hope next month for the new year to get this down a bit more.

All expenses are in USD.

Camping: $315 while we spent 5 days at the KOA in Las Vegas 
                 $612 for camping at State Park for 18 days
SUV Gas- $111. ( Was more this month because we did more driving around in Las Vegas and to meet with daughter too while we were there, daily outings)
Propane- $92.54 ( colder month/year for sure in Arizona as well. We use propane for cooking inside, the bbq outside, and the hot water tank, fridge and furnace!) 
RV Gas- $286
Parking- $58 ( this was in Vegas. The parking alone for the George Strait concert we went to was $25!)
Laundry- $29 ( this was down a bit from last month)
Take out- $83.09 ( I did use coupons sometimes but I will say Gerry eats more than me!)
Water and dumps for RV- $15 ( Less this month because while we stayed at the KOA and State Park, it was included)
and last but not least..
Groceries- $682.21- ouch!

Wishing at this time.. all my readers, a wonderful New Year- may it be full of everything you wish for, good health, safety and peace in your lives.

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