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Friday, December 27, 2019

An office should be a space where your employees are comfortable and productive. The design of your office will impact every aspect of you and your team’s working life. It can be the case that most people outgrow their starter office space quickly, and really should be using to find something more fitting. But once you find the space, what should you be doing with it?

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Your business likely has a strong brand already. You can, and should, be looking at ways that you can make a statement. Use the colors that people associate with your brand, slogans on the walls, or the names of the partners. Then think about the style that you want to have associated with the brand. Beyond the website - when people come to visit, what do you want them to notice first? Look to reflect your identity, and if you struggle with that, you can hire an interior designer to help you nail down the critical aspects of your brand and translate that into style. 


Minimalism is useful, not just in the home but in the office too. Creating the illusion of a bigger space is possible when there is less ‘stuff’ occupying room. Consider what is essential, what has a psychological purpose, and what is superfluous. Offices should focus on productivity, creativity, and function. When the furniture is set correctly, you aren’t going to have an awkward walking space, light-blocking, or chairs clashing when people move. 


You can’t underestimate the amount of light that you need in an office. Brighter light, like that you find in the spring and summer, tends to make people happier. Happier people tend to be more productive in their work. A good mood is generally something you want to promote in your work space. In order to do that, you need to maximize window space. Which is easier in a building that you own. You can mimic natural light with specific bulb types. Increasing light is possible when you remove barriers and use materials like glass to let the natural light flow too. 


Increasing the sense of community and collaboration can be done by having the right spaces available to gather in. When you are creating these spaces, look for long circular or oval tables, a range of seating options, and the ability to make drinks. Furnish the walls with whiteboards, chalkboard paint, and other spaces that can be doodled upon. 


While you ideally want your staff to be productive for the maximum amount of time, that doesn’t actually mean they need to be face-to-screen the entire day. Actually, it is more beneficial for your staff to have time to have breaks or a space to work off a block or generate ideas. They are still working, but instead of getting demotivated and struggling, they have the tools to work the issue out. Relaxation is essential to keep your team happy and productive. 

And finally, when you are putting your perfect office together, use psychological wheen charts to create the best combination for staff and clients. 

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