A Few Things To Do In Mesa This Weekend

Friday, January 18, 2019

If your looking for a few things to do in Mesa this weekend you can look no further than a morning visit to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet. Over 1600 shop spaces and more than 1.4 miles of shopping! Food court and snack bars. Free parking and admission.

We stopped for an hour, did some shopping and that was good for us. So many neat and useful things that we didn't want to spend more than we had already. What a great spot to shop though!

Another of our few things to do in Mesa this weekend will include an afternoon show of The Duttons.

In case you may not know, they were semi-finalists in the 208th episode when they performed La Bamba. Piers Morgan buzzed their act but they still received enough votes to come back and be in the top 10 the following week. And look where they are now- making a name for themselves!

The whole family performs a genre of songs from bluegrass to classical music in Mesa and in Branson. The show is worth a see alone to watch Amy and Rudy play their violins. Amazing!

And these are just a few things to do in Mesa this weekend.

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