Our Expenses for January

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Well, we've made it through another month!
Our expenses for January were very comparable to last month and even last year at this time, so we were pleased. Groceries, I think like for most, are always one of the bigger expenses.
Our expenses for January included 
-Food/ groceries- $514.73- that is including food for the dog too
-Water and dumps for the RV and drinking water- $31.05
-Gas for RV- which this month included a trip to Apache Junction and area- $352
-SUV gas- $70
-Propane- $68.67- a cooler month - which means running the furnace off and on
-Take out- $40.03- use coupons too when we can
-Laundry- $23.75 - washing and drying and not the soap

And no camping fees or parking fees this month.
All costs in USD.
And those are our expenses for January!

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