Boondocking at Saddle Mountain

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Boondocking at Saddle Mountain for a few days has been a change of scenery once again.

Lots of room for privacy, although we have found the house flies to be bad out here and really not sure why. They just hang at the door though, so will be nice to leave them behind tomorrow!
We are about a 10 minute drive from the small town of Tonopah, Arizona boondocking at Saddle Mountain.

Although we didn't drive to town, we drove up the road today about 5 minutes + and got to cross another thing off the bucket list. We saw a cotton field and touched the cotton!

I always seemed to think cotton fields were only in places like the Mississippi and such but they are here! I found them so much like the cotton balls you get in the bags but only with seeds in them. We read that they would have already been harvested for the Fall so guess what we did see what what was maybe left over from the harvest.

While boondocking at Saddle Mountain we also are able to take full advantage of nature. The mountains in our backyard so to speak, and even some of the saguaro cactus here.

Even enjoyed a hike today, and lots of space to walk Jakey too.

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