February's Expenses While On The Road

Friday, March 1, 2019

February's expenses while on the road are as follows: ( All amounts in USD)
(and we had 1-3 days less in this month with it being a shorter month than the usual).

No camping fees. 
(We saved money here by free, dry camping in the desert and hanging out at a casino parking lot. Which wasn't too bad. There were things to do near the casino, including all the fun Jakey had at the river daily, playing with the ducks!)

Water and dumps: $30
Food: $588- this was up $75 from last month and we're blaming Jakey for this one! LOL.. he loves to eat too!
RV gas: $75 ( didn't travel further than about an hours driving)
SUV gas: $60
Propane: $40
Take out- $86 - This went up but we decided to try a few different places as well to eat at.
Laundry: $26

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