Is It Possible To Become A More Peaceful Person?

Friday, March 29, 2019

We often see the word ‘peace’ thrown around as the highest good someone can achieve. The word is often repeated in eastern mysticism, on healthcare blogs and advice columns. We’re always hoping for ‘peace and quiet’ and wish to have a ‘peaceful nights sleep’ when we get to bed on time, of course. But is it possible to become a more peaceful person? What if our personalities aren’t wired that way? What if we have plenty of stressful issues in our life? Even the morning commute can seemingly get your cortisol levels rising before you’ve even had a chance to get to the office.

The only way any of us will ever find out about this potential is to try, or at least that’s what it looks like from this vantage point. The good news is that yes, while perhaps the highest forms of enlightenment could elude us, it is possible to become a much more peaceful version of you than you might be used to. Thankfully, with our advice, we hope that you are able to get there reliably. Consider:

The Regular Habits Of Your Life

Where we can often find the best means to become more peaceful is in the daily habits we are used to. If we have a part of our morning routine that makes us feel stressful, for example, we will likely dread it each day. Perhaps you have a busy morning commute, or you always wake up only moments before you have to leave the house, forcing you to groom yourself in record time in preparation for the day. The regular habits of your life are often the most important to get right, because they might only take a small portion of your day, but calculate that added time up each month, and you’ll realize it’s significant.

It might be that being a more defensive driver can help you in the first instance, or taking a slightly longer, less busy route to work each and every morning can have a big effect. It might be finally getting to that deep vehicle maintenance you have been meaning to take care of, allowing you to ensure your vehicle is up to speed. Perhaps, if working a stressful or dangerous job in some aspects, keeping the contact information of an excellent injury attorney could help you feel more protected should you need to litigate. Small additions or the removal of stress through alternate considerations could make a massive difference in your life, and potentially give you room to enjoy the little things more.

Daily Meditation

We often see that meditation is encouraged to help us deflate and build our concentration, but not everyone seemingly has time for this. That can prove to be a worrying feeling, because we might think we’re completely missing out. But sometimes, you don’t even have half an hour spare to sit down and meditate, or even learn how it progresses. But the great thing about meditation is that it’s not strictly a form of exercise. If you wanted to train your muscles, you have to ensure you lift the right ergonomically weight barbells, have time to run or complete calisthenics or yoga in one spot. But meditation could always be with you. Simply taking the time to observe your breath, your environment and your emotional state, slowly and carefully, can serve as a form of daily meditation you can ‘switch on’ exceptionally well. The more you practice this, the more you will also be able to take care of it.

This can not only help you become more focused, but can also help you slowly count down if angered or wishing to respond in an explosive emotional context. Sometimes, we could all use this preventative power.

Simply Doing It

‘Just do it’ is more than just a sneaker company’s motto. It’s also a pretty fantastic method of helping you tie the little things together in your life. The best way we can demonstrate this is through the use of a small example. Consider that one morning, you need to drive to work in a rush. You bring your coffee mug in with you. You know you shouldn’t, and before you’ve finished turning from your home road, you have placed the coffee mug down in the holder. But it stays there. And it stays there. Day after day you keep meaning to pick up the mug, only to feel a deflated sense of self-worth when you notice it again in the morning. Simply doing it and getting it out of the way can spare your simple anguish.

This is why ‘just doing it’ is one of the most important lessons you could learn to help your future self out. No matter if this comes to laundry, doing the dishes, speaking to that person about something that you have been meaning to for a while, or finally telling your mother in law to stop poking around in your business, pulling the lever when you know you should can certainly help you become more self-reliant, and this leads to a deeper sense of peace.

With this advice, we hope you are able to find a more relaxed form of living.

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