How To Create The Best Resume Possible

Sunday, March 31, 2019

When it comes to bagging that job that you really want, there are some things that you need to consider. Not only do you have to make sure that you look the part for the interview, and that you’ve prepared as well as you possibly can, but you also need to be certain that you’ve got what it takes to actually get an interview: a brilliant resume. Whilst you may think that you don’t need to spend much time perfecting your resume, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and having a great one will really make you stand out amongst the crowd. Here’s how you can perfect yours, and bag your perfect job in the process.

Keep it professional
One of the main things that people trip up on when it comes to writing their resumes is that they don’t keep it as polished as they should do. Using an email address like really won’t make people think that you’re a suitable candidate for the job, and you should create a smart, professional email address if you want to make a good impression upon your potential employer. Avoid using jokes and other unprofessional things within your resume, and keep it as business-like as possible. It will only take you a minute to set up a new email address, but it will make the world of difference to your job hunting success.

Use a resume template
If you’re not sure about how to set out your resume, it’s a good idea to use a free resume template, so that you can see what you should be writing down, and where. These things really aren’t as complex as you may think they are; you just need to set it out in the right way, without putting too many frilly bits onto your resume. Ultimately, it’s a lot easier if you have a template to go from, and these things have been tried and tested by the people who know their stuff. This isn’t the time for you to show that you’re really good at using clipart on Microsoft Word; you should be showing your potential employer that you can deliver this information professionally.

Make it simple and straightforward
Another thing to be sure of is that you’re not adding too much into your resume, and this is an area where a lot of people trip up. It should be two pages at most, but some people manage to fit all of their details onto a single page instead. The truth is that employers don’t want to be looking through masses of information, trying to pick out the parts that may be useful to them. If you present them with too much stuff to read, there is a high chance that they will put your resume straight into the ‘no’ pile, and you’ll have lost a chance to secure an income. Whilst you may think that it’s helpful to write a long paragraph about your hobbies, your employer won’t.

Read it, read it, and read it again
Don’t forget that your resume is the first impression that an employer will get of you, and you need to make sure that it’s a good one. If your resume is littered with spelling mistakes, and you’ve put together sentences that simply don’t make sense, then your potential employer is not going to think that you’re very competent. If you struggle with things like this, then get a friend or family member to look over it, or somebody else that offers these services. The best thing to do is to read it out loud, so that you can see what it actually sounds like. This can help you to spot more mistakes than you may have noticed when reading it in your head.

Don’t lie on your resume
OK, so a lot of people are guilty of this one. In fact, a massive 85% of people admit that they have lied on their resumes. However, whilst this may help to bag you an interview, that’s pretty much all it will do. Employers are likely to ask in-depth questions at the interview stage, and if you haven’t got the experience that you said you have, it will show. Of course, most people do use more flowery language to explain what they do on a daily basis, but straight out lying is a different story. It could be extremely embarrassing at your interview, and it will also ruin your chances of getting that job that you really want!

So, if you want to create the best resume possible, then follow these simple tips! Good luck, and happy interviewing!

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