Throwing a Party on a Budget

Monday, March 25, 2019

Parties are brilliant. They are a fantastic way to celebrate our achievements and successes. To commemorate important events in our life and even to let go and move on from things that have caused us pain. We throw parties to mark occasions like birthdays and Christmas, that happen every year. We go all out to celebrate promotions, engagements, and weddings. Many of us are happy to find any excuse for a party.

There are many reasons for this. Primarily, your party is a brilliant way to get all of your friends and family together in one room. This is something that so few of us have the time for when we’re busy working, raising families, keeping our homes clean and tidy and everything else that comes with an active lifestyle. Finding a time when everyone is free for a get together is almost impossible, but most people will make the time to come if they have been invited to a party.

It’s also an excellent chance to let your hair down, unwind and enjoy yourself with the people that you love the most. Throwing the perfect party, however, is a big ask. With all of the entertainment, food choices and decor on offer, it can seem as though you need an unlimited budget to get exactly what you want. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that many of us have.

But, that doesn’t mean that your event or occasion can’t be celebrated. It might just mean that you need to think a little harder and shop around a little more. Here are some tips to help you to plan the perfect party, on a tight budget.

Take the Time to Compile a Budget

It’s all well and good going into your planning knowing that you can’t spend much. But without a figure in mind, it’s still easy to spend more than you can really afford. Take the time to sit down and look at how much you can realistically afford to spend on your party. Then, you can start looking around for everything that you need.


A budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have the things that you want for your party. It just means that you need to prioritise, be sensible and make cuts elsewhere. If you really want a photo booth to make sure you get great photos from your event, and that your guests have plenty of fun, you can a Booth Boy Photo Booth, you just need to make cuts elsewhere.

Think about what you really want from your party, prioritise these, and make cutbacks on the things that don’t matter to you.

Call in Some Favours

One of the best ways to save money, even on a big celebration like a wedding, is to call in favours from people that you know. Do you know anyone that could bake your cake or make your dress? Do you have any friends that are skilled DJ’s or photographers? Sometimes, this means getting in touch with people that you haven’t seen for a while, but they may still cut you a great deal.

It’s even better if you can get your friends involved and make a celebration of the planning. Open a bottle of wine, put some music on and spend a night baking party foods or designing invitations. Make it fun and do as much as you can for yourself. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration if you are looking for ideas.

It’s also worth remembering that professionals aren’t your only option. Contact your local college and offer party planning students, musicians, artists, and clothes designers some work experience.

Find the Right Location

Location is often the most expensive part of any party. Hiring out a hall or a hotel can be costly. Even if there’s a deal for decorations and food with the hire of the location, you shouldn’t just assume that this will make things cheaper. In fact, it’s often less expensive to get everything separately.

If you can, throw your party at your house, perhaps if you’ve got a large garden, this can be an ideal way to save money. But, it does usually mean that there is more work involved. Otherwise, start looking outside of the box.

Don’t just focus your search on places that advertise party hire. Ask local cafes and restaurants, as well as community centres, dance halls and anywhere else with ample space. Just because they don’t advertise their rooms for hire, doesn’t mean that they can’t, and you’ve got nothing to lose by asking.

Keep it Small

If you are trying to save money, the worst thing that you can do is invite everyone you’ve ever met. The bigger your party, the more you will need to spend on food and drinks, and the bigger space you will need.

A small party can be just as beautiful, if not better. By only inviting close friends and family, you are sure to have a brilliant time surrounded by people that you love. You won’t have to worry about people not getting on, or that you won’t have time to speak with everyone. You’ll get the chance to spend time with everyone, without spreading yourself so thin that you can’t enjoy yourself. A smaller, more intimate party can be extraordinary.

Time it Right

Food is a big part of any party. If your party starts early, you might want a sit-down dinner, but then later when everyone is dancing, you might want a classic buffet to keep everything going. Try to time your party so that you only have to feed everyone once and you’ll save a fortune.

Stick to a Buffet

Sit down meals have become much more popular, as buffets have gone slightly out of fashion. But, a buffet can be a wonderful thing. Sit down meals stall the party. They bring everything to a standstill and make things much more formal. People can only chat with those next to them. A buffet, filled with sandwiches, sausage rolls, and other classics is much cheaper, and much more fun. If you are having a much smaller dinner party, ask everyone to bring a dish so that you don’t need to pay for everything.

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