15 Budget Friendly Ways to Go Green Just in Time for Earth Day

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Going green is about more than recycling and reducing your use of single-use plastic. Truly going green requires a shift in mindset towards a minimalistic lifestyle, which means only buying things you truly need. Thankfully, going green and adopting minimalism is easy on your wallet as well as the planet. Our world is fueled by consumerism, constantly telling us that we need more to be happy, when in reality it's simply a sales tactic used by big corporations to sell us more products. Rethinking your consumption habits and participating in no-spend challenges can help break the cycle of consumerism and save you money in the long run. took a look at categories such as shopping, pets, household products, food, technology and many others to provide cost-effective and useful tips to help you save green by going green. For example, did you know that energy saving power strips can save you up to $100 a year by automatically powering down items not in use? Or that if the entire U.S. population participated in Meatless Mondays, it would be the same as taking 7.4 million cars off the road? Check out the IG below for some energy saving tips and check out's blog post on Going Green on a Budget for more information. 

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