So What's Good In Florida For Your First Trip?

Monday, April 8, 2019

Florida is a big place, and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s jam packed with people from all over the world trying to sun themselves in the incredible sun and heat, or trying to catch the waves down at the many beaches the state has to offer. All in all, if you head to Florida, you’re going to need a clear itinerary at hand, because there’s a lot to do!

So if you’re off for a first time trip to the Sunshine State, make sure you’ve got the best picks at the top of your list. To help you out a little, here’s some recommendations.

What a view! (Image)

Try Out Disney World, Orlando

Disney World is obviously a big one, and it’s a place that’s always going to bring the masses in year by year. Why not be one of the crowd? It’s in Orlando, which is in central Florida, so you’re never going to have to travel to far to get to the city. And it’s covered in theme parks, so take your pick whilst you’re there!

It’s a good place for both kids and adults alike, with all the old classics and the newer films having dedicated sections of the park. There’s plenty of rides that’ll give your thrills, and there’s always a good live show on, both in the theater and in the streets of the park.

Any of the Miami Beaches

Miami is very popular with the beach going tourists, and there’s so many beaches out there you really can find something for everyone. If you love a party with your friends, or you’re looking for a natural wonder you can sit down and enjoy, one of the beaches on this list is going to be a perfect destination for you.

Even push the literal boat out a little, and invest in a yacht for rent miami. If you’re a wannabe pilot, or you’re just looking to get out on the brilliant blue water with some private time away from the rest of the masses, this’d be a great experience for you.

Head to Apalachicola National Forest

Once you’ve had your fill of the crowds, be sure to head out to Apalachicola, which is the largest national forest in all of the United States. You can go swimming in its various lakes, and you can camp and hike in between, and even visit a very historic and important fort too. You can also opt to drive through the forest, and stop at the recreation areas if you need to air the kids out a little.

The forest is still on the coast of Florida, so you’re never going to be too far from the sand and the sea should you wish to return, but make sure you give this beautiful landscape the dues it deserves.

Florida is a great destination for your next trip, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to see the best of the best!

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