Backyard Life is So Much Better Being "Mosquito-Less"

Sunday, June 16, 2019

We all love being outside when the weather starts getting nice. Problem is, so do all the bugs! Living where we do, in northern Saskatchewan, the mosquitos can get bad. Having a small bug zapper has been nice but we find we still had mosquitos out and it was killing alot of the other bugs too.
Some bugs are good bugs!
Alot of the mosquitos will tend to hang around in our trees too and in the shade.
Not too bad now but when our raspberries start ripening, I dont want to be in there picking berries with those little things picking at me!
Enter the picture, Mosquito-Less.
Seen in our local Home Hardware flyer, and available at many Canadian hardware stores and other locations, this is Canada's leading, food grade, environmentally safe,mosquito repellent. 

We'll also let you know that it's the garlic oil in the spray that naturally repels those little annoyances. And your yard will smell garlicky for a couple of hours. Haha- we had a neighbor say to my husband- "It smells like someone's bbqing!" I told my husband, reminds me more of garlic bread in the back yard. 
We love the product! We're sold!The mosquitos can go hang out someplace else now!

Some extra facts:
Mosquitoes are 10,000 times more sensitive to garlic than humans. Their life-cycle normally takes place over a number of weeks and within an area 100 sq yds. Once they leave the area they prefer not to return. Just spray Mosquito-Less on your property, trees, shrubs, gardens, lawn, fences, out buildings and low areas. In minutes after this ready-to-use natural garlic oil product is sprayed, mosquitoes will leave. This will keep mosquitos away for up to 4 weeks. No need to worry about a lingering smell of garlic. The odor will dissipate in 4-5 hours.

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