Summer Sorbet Sensation Packs a Pucker-Worthy Punch

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

With summer weather just around the corner, Ben & Jerry's is dishing out its latest offering knowing its fans are ready for a tantalizingly tart and refreshing flavor for the season. The iconic ice cream company is unveiling something it hasn't for years: a new sorbet concoction. You can sorBET your booty that this is not a flavorless fruity offering weak on taste or experience. This is a full-on Ben & Jerry's taste bud attack, that'll knock you over and leave you wanting for nothing more. America, pucker up…

Ben & Jerry’s is introducing its first new sorbet offering in years. The limited-batch Pucker Upper features raspberry sorbet with a tart lemonade sorbet swirl and sour sugar bits, a new ingredient that was designed specifically for the product, according to the company.

“After 13 years with the company, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flavor quite like this,” said Laura Essaid, Ben & Jerry’s associate brand manager. “It’s a perfect flavor for summer with a balance of sweet and sour, while light, fruity, and refreshing… plus, there’s no grill required.”
The product will be available in pints for a suggested retail price of $4.89 and at the brand’s scoop shops nationwide. A serving has 110 calories and half a gram of fat.

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