4 Degree Choices To Land You A Great Paying Job

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Many teens are now preparing to go to university this September. With the cost of education rising and income stagnating you might wonder whats the best degree to choose if you want to land a great job with a decent salary when you graduate? Starting university can be daunting in itself and even more so if you're unsure that you've picked the right elective. What type of role is right for you when entering the world of work? You might even want to try something completely different to what you’ve studied at lower levels of education or have a perfect idea of where you’d like to be in the next few years. But with the average graduate changing jobs every two years, it's likely that this may change sooner than you would think. Having a look at professional career sites like Linkedin allows you to measure yourself against other graduates qualifications and can help to alleviate some of your worries. But to make it even for you we’ve put together a list of some of the best-paid graduate jobs for you to have a look at and hopefully sees you on your way to landing your dream job. 
Graduating with a degree in Business is a sure-fire way to see you on the road towards a lucrative career when you graduate. With a variety of pathways from Business analyst, Accountancy to Actuarial analyst, a Business degree can equip you with skills in leadership, public speaking, presentation and teamwork that will make you well rounded for whichever route you choose. Colleges like the University of Alabama Birmingham offer comprehensive Business courses to see you on your way to greatness. 
 Date Entry/ Administration
While it may come as a surprise to many, a degree in Administration can land you an extremely well-paying job in the long run. A qualification in administration equips you with a variety of different skill sets that can be used in a variety of challenging roles. You will gain skills in writing, communicating, strategising and planning. These skills can take you to a job in Project Management or Business Development, the list really is endless.  
A job in education and teaching can be a safe, lucrative job for life. With a shortage of teacher’s in many parts of the country, schools and colleges are offering new graduates extremely hefty incentives to get into teaching. Not only is it a hugely rewarding experience to make a difference in the future generations lives its also hugely noble profession.  
Teaching is still considered one of the noblest professions. Despite that, there is a shortage of teachers worldwide. Helping the next generation to accomplish and realise their goals can be a hugely rewarding experience. With graduates from the computer sciences, mathematics and engineering, regularly being headhunted and being offered huge ‘golden handshakes’ for joining the Education field, this may be a role well worth considering. 
Communications  and Social Media 
New media and digital marketing are one of the fastest-growing employment sectors of the 21st century. Taking on such a varied degree will allow you to gain a keen creative outlook. Perfect for those who loved drama, art or English at school, a degree in communications will teach you to be a keen negotiator and astute businessperson. 

We hope this helps you find the ideal degree for you! 

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