When Your Looking For The Best Detangling Brush...Evvver!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

So my girls ,Ria ,Erika and I all have shoulder length and longer hair.. and can all agree that a good hair brush is important...especially if we are brushing our hair when its wet. We are big fans and I know that the brushes are trusted not only by us but I was at the salon the other day and that's what the girls there are using and selling! Brushes are amazing! Plus so many colors and styles. 

Ria says: 
"Been a fan of the Wet Brush for a while so was nice to try the Wet Brush Flex. I thought my tangles were going to snap the flexible head of this brush but it powered through all my knots, only getting snagged a few times in the large openings between the rows. The brush head is very flexible, allowing it to bend with the contours of your head. Works great on wet or dry hair and the open-backed design of the brush is great for air flow when blow drying." 

Erika says:
"My wet brush is AWESOME!! I normally have a hard time brushing out my hair after a shower but this brush glides right through my hair. It handles knots like no other and makes brushing my wet hair pain free. I will never use another brush again!!"

Mom says: "Totally agree with the girls- these brushes glide through your hair..not like any other and a must try for anyone looking for a great hair brush!"

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  1. I haven't actually had my hair brushed since I was really little, and after destroying my hair by causing permanent traction alopecia, I no long can ha ha ha.

    But your post about the brush makes it seem like they're a good brush to use if you do actually have hair


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