No Money And Hating Your Job? Go Down A Different Path

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Well if this isn’t something that a lot of us can relate to. Well, we know all of you who are reading this will relate to it, and that’s why you’re reading this article. But you might have read articles like this before, or you might have heard people giving you all sorts of advice to your problem. But will you have followed any of it? Not yet, and that’s why you circle back to reading articles like this all of the time. So we hope that this is the definitive article for you, because there’s only so long you have in life to make a change and do something that you actually want to do, and how are you ever going to be able to do anything like that if you don’t have the money to support it. And when you think about money, it all boils down to the job that you have, how much you’re having to work to get the money, and how much money you’re actually getting. So if your head is hurting, and all you want to do is escape from the job you’re in and go down a different path, then we’re here to help. Let’s tackle that mental block, get you on the right path, and get you making the most the most of life!

Break That Mental Block

Having a mental block is one of the things that’s holding most of us back in life. It doesn’t just have to be career related, it can be anything in life. Mental block that stops you from getting out of bed on a Sunday morning, eating right, exercising right. All of that is stopped in most of our lives, simply because we have a mental block. It’s no different for those of you who are struggling with your work life. You can have all of the will in the world to go for a different career, but a year later and you’ll still be sat in the same job, thinking the same thing. But that’s only because we’re creatures of habit as humans, and we find it so hard to break that. So much so that there have been books written about how we can try and break that toxic trait. So if you’ve spent longer than a few months wishing you were in a different job, it’s time to break that mental block. Detach yourself from the people you work with, the comfort, and remember what it is that you don’t like about the job. Let it drive you to chose something else, because it won’t be long until you feel like you’re too far into your life that you can’t do that. 

Retrain Towards That Dream Job

It’s common knowledge that going into a new job either requires experience or some form or a qualification, and a lot of you will have none when thinking about your dream job. So perhaps it’s time to think about the power of education, and how easy it would be to get your dream job if you had that career behind you. If your brain could use some training, and you’re happy to go back into education to work towards your career, you should check out Norwich University and see what courses they offer that might interest you. It might be hard to take you out of your normal routine and get you back into the world of learning, but once you get into the swing of things and set up a routine, it won’t be long until the course is over, and you’re moving towards your dream job.

Is It Your Job...Or You?

So now it’s time to think about whether it’s the job role, or whether it’s you that’s the problem. Now we want to talk in relation to money, because a lot of us are bringing in such a nice wage, but we’re so bad at wasting it half way through the month, and them complaining that we should have a job that offers us more money. But in fact, it might be time to take a look in the mirror, and check out your spending habits. A good way to do this is to use one of the many apps that are available at the minute. They allow you to track your bills and your other outgoings, and clearly show you how much you’re going to have to spend for the week. After using that, you’ll then be able to see if it is in fact your job, or your own spending habits that are the problem.

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