Wedding Decorations: 2 Areas To Focus Your Budget On

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Aside from the venue and, of course, the dress, decorations tend to be one of the most important areas of expenditure in any wedding budget. There are countless different decorative options and finishing touches now available, which can make deciding which areas to focus on rather challenging - especially as you will naturally want to ensure that you choose the decorations that will truly contribute to the beauty of your day. Below, we’ve highlighted two particular areas to focus on when it comes to your wedding decorations budget, as well as detailing why they are so important… #1 - Lighting While all venues will supply some lighting, to truly give your day an individual feel, additional lighting options will usually be required. Lighting can play a role throughout your day, from string lights to decorate the aisle to graceful pillar candles displayed on tables in order to give your reception a beautiful glow and ambience, so allocating a fair portion of your decorations budget to lighting can help your day to sparkle. #2- Flowers Flowers are a wedding essential, particularly if you are getting married in the summer months, so dedicating a large portion of your decorations budget to this area will always be a sound choice. This is especially true given that there are so many different ways that flowers can be used, from buttonholes and bouquets to table centerpieces, so flowers will always take a central role in your day. To find out more about the different flowers available and what you can expect to spend, look no further than this handy infographic…
Infographic Design By Claddagh Rings

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