Review: Munch Pak- Yummy Snacks From Around The World

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

New and popular snacks from around the world, delivered to your door. Starting at $9.95!
Have I gotten your attention?
We tried the MunchPak Mini pack and really liked it! We love trying new snacks!

Gerry and I love snacks AND subscription boxes! 
MunchPak is unique as the snacks it delivers are from countries all over the world!
The pack also comes with a brochure that tells you all about the products in your box you are getting and what country they are from.

Our mini pack had snacks from our own country, Canada, as well as Greece, Poland, South Korea and Croatia!
Gerry and I loved the snacks AND thought the whole concept was cool!
Our pack included chocolate, chips and candy- so we got a nice mix of things.
We'd highly recommend you try them out!

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