Stupid Ways Smart People Ruin Their Careers

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Everybody has been there and acted without thinking. For the most part, all you need to do is put the mistake behind you and move on so that the guilt doesn’t eat you alive. Unfortunately, some errors are harder to leave in the past than others. And, if you’re career-orientated, they can ruin your reputation in a matter of seconds.

To preserve what you’ve built, it’s essential to avoid the mistakes in the first place or act quickly to limit the damage. If you’re not sure how to do either, you can use the following tips as inspiration. 

These are the ways stupid ways smart people harm their careers.

Drunk Driving

Any felony charge is going to show up when an employer does their due diligence. The problem with a DUI is that it can harm you even when you have the job. Whether it leads to criminal prosecution or not, your employer will have the option to fire you without any fear of a lawsuit. So, it’s smart to avoid driving if you’re drinking, regardless of how few you have. If you make an error in judgment and need an escape route, hiring Takajian & Sitkoff or a reputable law firm could be the answer. Using their expertise, they might be able to reduce the charge so that it doesn’t show on your record.

Forgetting Everyone Is Connected

The world is more connected than ever before. Still, some people act as if they can speak about others without fear of repercussions. It’s a silly mistake because there are too many channels for colleagues and bosses to hear or see your point of view. Of course, this is a reference to social media accounts. Not writing anything discriminatory about your employers is a golden rule, but if you want to vent, it’s savvy to create multiple accounts. Be sure you don’t add anyone from the office if you want complete privacy.


There is always a temptation to lie to rectify your mistake. And, while it works from time to time, it often gets you in more trouble than if you were truthful. It’s a cliche, but employers hate lies because they are disappointed that you didn’t trust them in the first place. Also, it makes it tougher for them to trust you in the future. Whether it’s an excuse for being late or a skill on your resume, you’re better off being upfront in case they realize you fibbed and it escalates out of control. Telling white lies during an interview isn’t a smart move as most employers will terminate your contract within the trial period.

Not Looking Busy

Boredom can do crazy things to the mind. Plus, being bored all the time means you get into a bad routine. Then, when the boss comes into the office unannounced, they see you twiddling your thumbs. Some leaders will scream and shout, whereas others will take notes, but you’ll be noticed for a negative habit. Regardless of the reaction, it will go against you in terms of opportunities and responsibilities.

What about if you worked for yourself instead?! 

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