Saturday-June 18

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our weather has not been the greatest lately, and we are due for a week of rain as well. It came down in absolute buckets last night and woke me up.Although I still love the sound of rain on the house when your going to sleep.This weather has put a slow down on my walking as well, so I have to resort to reading while I ride the exercise bike indoors,( one I got a few years back at a garage sale for only $20).I wish I had a treadmill but have not been able to find one, used, at a price I'd feel comfortable with.I'd love to try to get one for this winter though, if one happens to find it's way to me.

On another note, I wanted to ask any of my readers out there if they use a breadmaker and what they think of it? I'm not talented enough to make my own bread, but I'm thinking of a breadmaker. I have food intolerances and the only bread I have found so far that isn't too bad , is sourdough bread. But it costs $2.85 a loaf! Most bread has milk in it and I'm not sure if this one does but it's one of the ones that least likely bothers me as much.Do you use milk in breads in a breadmaker?
I'd like to hear from anyone about theirs they may use. As well, is it economical or do you have to use a special flour that costs more than regular flour?

Work continues on Gerry's shop, and we're seeing that the cost has grown to more than what he had originally said. He may be just wrapping the outside this year though and finishing it up next year with his company's yearly bonus.With being busy with building the workshop,putting in the garden has taken a step back, but he's hoping to get it in soon.

We do want to get married this year and had plans to go on a short cruise to Key West and get married there.( I know I could do it"cheaper" but it's my wedding after all, I'd like to do something nice and memorable). If you've been there, I'd love to hear from you.We've never cruised before.That's in the plans for late Fall.Then Erika will be taking her second year of business this year, and we will have to put out half the money for that as well.( Her dad will pay the other half.Gerry is her step dad). She is hoping to take it while living at home this year. She has plans to do her 4 years to become a certified accountant.

Looks like it's almost lunch though, so I'll have to close here.
Hope you all have a great weekend.



  1. I have a bread maker and I like it. I don't use it all the time, but that's mostly 'cuz I'm lazy in the kitchen. My favorite bread recipe is one that came with the machine, and it calls for a small amount of powdered milk, but there are other recipes that don't use milk at all. I've always just used regular flour. A name brand is better than Aldi's, but either works. I think it would be a good idea for you. Good luck!

  2. I ended up buying lactose pills instead to try those with foods.Had problems with eating strawberries tonight-grrr.So maybe lactose and fructose intolerant? I still need to connect with a clinic in Alberta for tests.Nothing near us.The bread machine is on sale till Thursday so I have till then to decide what I want to do.I also found a bread recipe online for a bread machine without milk.


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