Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Win A Handbag Designed By Paris Hilton (US only)

Here is Paris wearing her favorite Gymnastica bag at home in Los Angeles - and on TV in her new show, The World According to Paris. Paris loves her handbags - after all she creates them herself! She would be so happy if all her fans can log on to http://bit.ly/kFlgXL. Paris would love to see EVERYBODY log on to win Paris Hilton handbags on the fun new shopping website plumwillow.com

Paris is sending tweets to all this week to encourage friends and fans in the USA win the best of her handbag collection at http://bit.ly/kFlgXL. Valued at hundreds of dollars, it's free to enter to win the handbags on Plumwillow.com. Even if you are not in the USA you can still virtually shop, creating outfits online that will make every girl feel as glamorous as Paris.

For every 5 people who enter to win Paris Hilton handbags on http://bit.ly/kFlgXL there's a secret chance to win Paris Hilton's newest fragrance PASSPORT.

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