Sunday-June 26

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I had good intentions to do a post yesterday but the day just got away. Erika and I went to the petting zoo yesterday to visit Ria,( my other daughter who runs the zoo here in town), and to visit the bunny we had looked after before it went to the zoo.The bunny sure is getting big but Ria said she had become territorial with her cage and just feeling "grouchy" the other day.She even took a nip at one of the workers. I had no problems with her when I was there and even was holding her for a while.

Also good news today is that the postal strike in Canada has come to an end.The workers have been legislated back, so it will be a few days till things start rolling again, but it's been about 2 weeks without mail and we're tired of this!It will be nice to get mail again. I have some review items that have been sitting and not been able to come through as well.Very frustrating.

We got a hail storm yesterday so Gerry was thinking some of our garden that we had just put in would be runied, but I was trying to be positive by telling him it would be okay. Will just have to wait and see I guess.Most of the plants we planted were grown in the greenhouse indoors, with the exception of the lettuce. We found the seed afterwards and just planted direct outdoors, but that it already coming up.And how is your garden growing?

Have been making a bit of money off of Facebook by advertising on our local "classifieds", so getting rid of alot of things, and others getting a bargain at the same time.We still had planned another garage sale in August but will see what happens and how much we have left to sell after selling it like this.Almost daily we have had people stopping by since my daughters both sell on here, we do, and we have some of the family's disgards to sell.

Have a great upcoming week everyone!



  1. Wow. I hadn't heard about the Canadian postal strike. I would so hate not getting my mail. Hope your garden does well in spite of the hail storm. My garden consists of one tomato plant at the moment. It is now producing tomatoes. Yum. I may plant another or two.

  2. Yes,I'm lost without the mail.I could see if I just got bills and then it wouldn't matter so much.

  3. Happy to hear that the strike has come to an end! Yayy, I will get mails soon;)

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