Sunday-June 5

Sunday, June 5, 2011

We bought a new truck! Actually, Gerry picked it up for himself, yesterday when we were out of town.( Another town, an hour's drive from here.I had some mystery shopping to do so he took this time to go look at trucks).

You may have remembered that we paid a small fortune for gas when we brought Erika home from college back in April.It's been coming for a long time.I've been complaining about what Gerry was paying for gas for his other full sized truck.The gas was unreal.We couldn't get anyone to call us back here in town so we took our business elsewhere.We were treated quite well at this other dealership out of town, and as well were given a few tanks of free gas, mud flaps for the truck and they will be throwing in some other things for us.I was the one that told Gerry that we bought a new vehicle, I'm sure they can throw something" extra" in for us. The great thing is, Gerry still gets his truck,and this is way easier on gas.Payments are the same as the other truck we had-$250 every 2 weeks.

The 3 of us spent most of the day out of town yesterday.Erika and I went "window shopping" while Gerry went to the dealership.I picked up some Father's Day cards for $1,(love the $1 cards -always feel like I'm really saving as the name brand cards are a small fortune),and an Eddie Bauer top for Gerry at a bargain store.We stopped at the casino to throw $20 each into the machines but no one won anything. Not sure why we go back- as we are never lucky.It's entertainment I guess, as long as one doesn't start putting their pay cheques into those machines. We saw alot of people from our town there.

We also stopped at Tim Horton's on the way out of town. I'm not a coffee drinker but my girls and Gerry love their stuff. I'll usually grab a muffin or a donut.

We've had rain for a few days, and I was hoping to get out for a walk today but it has clouded over today and although it doesn't call for rain, it certainly doesn't look nice out there.I'm even running my furnace, and have still had to have my side of the electric blanket turned on at night.Yesterday and the day before there was snow falling!Nothing that stayed, but just the thougth of it in June!

Gerry is at work, as he says he can never get caught up with the paperwork.The few hours he goes in on the weekends is nice overtime money. Good to have the "extra".He'll stop at the recycling centre on his way home.Once a week we drop it off at the centre. You can pay $2 a bag for curb pick up, but we pass by the centre once a week when he goes to work or we run errands, so we take it ourselves.

Enough of my rambling though- hope you all have a nice week. There will be no Sunday Frugal Web Crawl today.


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