Saturday- June 11

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I have had so little energy today, as temps climbed today to at least 26 degrees.Our trailer was feeling muggy so I had Gerry take a break from working on the shed and take the covers off the three air conditioners.I try to use them as little as possible but need to cool it off in here, as I'm feeling wiped.

Gerry was out in the sun most of day, working on the shed. He was in a hurry to get the roof on as it had called for rain tommmorow, but the forecast changed, and now it's not calling for rain.However, at 8:30 pm., he's still out there working away.

That bunch of dirt in front of the shed is where out garden is being planted this year. We also have blueberries and raspberries growing along the fence.I'd love to see the fence get a new paint job, but Gerry said it would need alot of paint and not in our budget right now.We have a few home projects lined up but getting his shed built seems to be priority right now, as he's quite excited about it. I think he'll save the indoor projects for those "rainy days".

I see one of our local grocery stores, the Co-op, has their dollar deals on this week, so I will have to take a look at their flyer. These are always very busy sales day for them- especially when people get something for $1.00.I think that's what I'll take a break to do now, look through the flyer and comb through my coupons as well to see if I can do some double savings.

Have a great week everyone- and hope your enjoying Summery weather, and not living anywhere near places that have been hit by natural disasters.I feel blessed that we have been lucky in all my years living where I live, that we have not had anything like what I see on t.v., happen here. From fires, to floods to tornadoes. Very scary.



  1. I found very healthy food items for 1.00. :) at the store near me that list things from 5.00 to 1.00.

    Frozen Veggies; frozen fruits (some organic); and no sugar or salt added to anything I buy)........eggs; .. etc.

    Even somewhat healthy snacks; you know health mixes; soy-sunflower-date-raisins.. just a bit too high in the sodium.. but great to keep in my bag when I get hungry.. instead of splurging on food outside.

    Raisins too.. 1.00 a box or little mini-boxes in one bag..

    Great $1.00 items... whole wheat crackers; or whole wheat cracker 4 bags for 1.00 .. ( a bit high in sale; but whole wheat and not just wheat); good snack.


  2. Always good when we can get good food deals!


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