The Complete Idiot’s Guide For Dummies Challenge Plus a Reader Discount Code

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You may be familiar with both the bright orange covered how-to idiot’s guides books as well as the yellow dummies, but have you ever compared them?

Well, I had the opportunity to read 2 books on the same subject, from each. The subject was on the glycemic index diet.

How did I compare these? Besides the covers, I really found not much of a difference towards contents of these books, ease of reading, format, etc..

The one thing that would have made me buy one from the other?
The cover of The Complete Idiot's Guide caught my eye more so than the Dummies book.
The woman with a small waist line and tape measure definately sold me.
Both were even very similiar priced and I always buy soft cover books for the lower price of the book over hard.

I wish I could say one is different than the other but in my own opinion, both were very much equal.Both offered me a wealth of information.I recieved one of each of these books for review and the opinion expressed here is my own.

The folks at The Complete Idiot's Guide are offering our readers a coupon code CIGBlog11 . This code allows for 50% off of one order of regularly priced books from The discount is effective immediately and runs through October 31.

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