Some Great Second Hand Deals

Friday, August 26, 2011

I wanted to share some great savings I got on my exercise equipment for our spare room.

I bought a treadmill last night from a lady who was asking $50,( I got it for $40). She paid over $1,000 for it. She said it was about 10 years old but she didn't use it alot and it IS in great shape.
I couldn't even imagine paying that for a treadmill.

The exercise bike I got last summer or the summer before, I only paid $20 for. I got it at a yard sale and I believe they were asking more but I asked if they would take lower and they did.

People that are selling things want to get rid of them, so unless they have alot of interested people in what they are selling, more than likely they will be willing to "wheel and deal" with you.


  1. My elliptical is slowly dying and I've been looking for a good buy on a new one. I hadn't thought to look at used ones. Kijiji, here I come!

  2. Should always be your first option when trying to save money.We have a buy and sell on Facebook as well for our town. Perhaps your city has the same thing?

  3. Great finds! I never would have paid that much either. Let others pay retail and we can buy their seconds--I am perfectly happy with that:).

  4. I love going to yard sales too! Aside from having great deals, you somehow get to know who first used the item and sometimes you learned more about its history.


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