Sunday, August 21, 2011

Update- Our Garden

Wanted to see if there were potatoes in the garden yet to make for supper today. Gerry dug up a few of the plants and all we had was no more than 2 under each plant.Not sure what happened there. He said it may have been the soil or the potato seed themselves. It's most frustrating.

The carrots are small and I don't think we'll see tomatoes. We had started them indoors this year but then we had storm and it killed them, so we bought more plants at Walmart after that-and they just haven't done anything.

A few green onions we have as well, some leaf lettuce that I've fed to the guinea pigs and we have peas.

I would love to hear from any avid gardeners out there on why plants may be small or why we got so little potatoes from our plants.

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Soozle said...

In my neck of the woods, the summer has been incredibly hot and incredibly dry..

My tomatoes did insanely well in this weather (they were out of control - which could partly be because of the heavily manured new soil I added in)..

The carrots are puny, like yours.. Beets are basically non existent as well.. I had the same deal with potatoes as you - only a few under each plant.

This was my first year for planting tomatoes, so I am not sure what IS normal?

Monique said...

What is your neck of the woods? We are in Saskatchewan.Very northern.We also had 2 bad hail storms this year that gave our plants a beating.

Soozle said...

I'm in Winnipeg.. I also MEANT to write that it was my first year growing potatoes, not tomatoes :-)

Monique said...

Yes, and I never had any other replies from other gardeners out there. I know last year we had about 5 potatoes under each tree but it was different seed and different soil.

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