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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally feel I am getting caught up, after going away and  getting married in Florida on the 28th.We love to travel and were quite happy about the beach wedding.

I had a ton of laundry to do when I got back, emails to answer,mail to go through, reviews,etc..It will be at least 3 weeks before our marriage license comes to us and then I will have to go through all my cards, such as health cards, Visa,drivers license, etc and start with the name changing.I've been doing some of them already that don't require proof that you got married, but I'm a member of everything it seems and have a ton of reward cards alone.Oh well- slowly but surely.Very hard though to get used to a new last name, after having the other one for almost 30 years!

On October 25th we drove to Saskatoon, Sask, ( a 6 hour drive) and flew out from there, to Toronto, staying overnight there.Next day we flew out and stayed in Miami overnight, at the beautiful Intercontinental Miami hotel. This hotel is beautiful and you really couldn't ask for better service.You are treated with the upmost respect here.

On the 27th we boarded our Carnival Cruise,(will try a different cruise line next time we cruise),and left Miami.The following day we arrived in Key West, Florida and were married on Smather's Beach there. Little did we know in town, they were having their annual Fantasy Fest and it was so, so busy.We saw men in thongs,women with pasties and body painted and just about anything else you could imagine. Everyone was very "casual" about it though .

Key West was muggy  and I was surprised at the amount of people that were out jogging as well, as we just laze around when it's hot here!

The following day was Gerry's birthday. We arrived in Nassau, Bahamas that day and took a carriage ride and then went to Paradise Island, Atlantis.Wow- that is a big place, and after a few hours of walking around seeing all the tanks of sea life and having something to eat, we were ready to go back to the boat. Oldtimers we are-lol.

We had a day at sea on the 30th and it rained all day, so the whole ship was stuck "indoors".It was a long day not getting off the boat.

We arrived into Miami quite early on the 31st and it was about 2-3 hours before we finally were off the boat.
Stayed here for a day and just relaxed at the Country Inn & Suites in Miami/Kendall. Had planned on sightseeing but just too tired from all the travelling.

It was nice to go away, nice to come home, but with this wintery weather arriving at home here today, we're ready to travel again!

Anyone planning a winter getaway?

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