Stocking Stuffer-ILA DUSK Personal Alarm

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When I first heard of the Ila Dusk personal alarm, I knew this was an item I had to promote for a stocking stuffer this year. I think every woman should have one of these personal alarms hanging off her purse. The personal alarms are sold in Canada from the Abbott Collection Giftware.

This item is a personal alarm with a unique woman's scream. When activated the alarm emits a scream for help at a piercing 130dB. It comes in a range of fun and fashionable designs, includes a bag clip and key ring and is activated by pulling a chain. This will stop any attacker in his tracks- and run the other way!

Great this year for grandmas, aunts, sisters,moms,your daughter or best friends.I personally think it's just such a great stocking stuffer to show you care and you want that person to always be safe.The Ila Dusk retails at $29.99

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  1. So adorable personal alarm with a great information................


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