Remembering Our Veterns

Friday, November 11, 2011

In Canada we honour our vets with Rememberance Day, and for those in the USA, it is called Veterns Day.
We should all take a moment in our lives today to pause and to think of those that who have died for our countries and those who continue to fight

Patriotic song giving tribute to our veterans and soldiers overseas

Patriotic song In America by recording artist Sunny James

is giving tribute to our veterans and soldiers overseas.

The song talks about what freedom is and standing strong as one to keep this country free and living in harmony.

I enjoy sharing the song at events that give tribute to our verterans like Veterans Day, or giving tribute to our soldiers so far away from home fighting for others freedoms.

It's touching to have people tell you that your creation brought tears to their eyes.

for more information about the song or music video

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Author: Beth Schmader

Canada observes the Remembrance Day

During Canada Remembrance Day, certified ceremonies are detained at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. These events instigate with the dingdong of the Carillon. While this is played, active members of the Canadian Forces, the Ottawa diplomatic unit, Ministers of the Crown, unique guests, the Royal Canadian Legion, and associate-stately assistant disembark. The broad anthem, “O Canada,” is played. As with most armed ceremonies, there is a gun greeting, a bugling, and bells tolling. To pay their respects to the war over, the free place poppies on top of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Silver Cross sister chairs a garland at the pedestal of the memorial in behalf of other mothers who have gone children to the war.

If the US has its Veterans Day, Canada observes the Remembrance Day, a special day for all those who served in the armed navy during the First World War. In Canada, Remembrance Day is a festival for central government employees, while it may or may not be a general festival depending on the location. In Western Canada and Atlantic Canada, it is a general holiday, while in Ontario and Quebec; central-registered companies may assert it a detailed holiday or designate it such on a different day.

While the holiday was meant to pay respects to those who died during the war, it is also but right to show back to Canadian soldiers who're deployed in other countries by sending Canada Remembrance Day objects such as gifts, cards, custom chocolates, bear bears, photo frames behaviour pics of their loved ones, and little pillows.

You can commemorate Canada Remembrance Day with promotional substance printed with the Canadian poppy. Among the giveaways you can make use of are custom stress relievers, buttons, stickers, notepads, pillows, mouse pads, balloons, and small flags.

Families heap together during Canada Remembrance Day so objects such as custom paper plates, cups, apparatus, tablecloth, tumblers, paper napkins, and other revel essentials will come in near. Commemorative Canada Remembrance Day stuff such as custom cloth napkins and buttons can be embroidered and stamped with poppy patterns as giveaways for the episode.


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