Wednesday- November 16

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My daughter is moving out- again.She was away the year before in Calgary for school, then we moved her back. Living with us for half a year and now wants to move in with her boyfriend. Actually, she's already partially moved out. We spent the last few hours moving her, into an apartment with her boyfriend.Moving is not fun!

The place they rented is at the "top of the mountain" so to speak.There are so many stairs, and narrow too, plus it's winter and , and , and .Need I say more. I had to send Gerry out this last trip on his own and have her get her boyfriend there to help, ( as he wasn't there the first trip we made out). My back was aching and my calves were telling me to stop.

She has no washer or dryer in there though so that will mean bringing clothes still to "mom's", like the other daughter does. ( I may add too that I am a laundry service for my 89 year old grandma who chooses to live in her own house but can no longer go up and down the stairs to her basement.) That may cut our expenses here a bit as it will be one less person in the house using power, water and for food costs.She still will be close enough though, like the other one, to make trips back and forth to mom's so that will be nice.

My mom is off for bladder surgery tommorow, and I wish her all the best. Mom, your in my prayers. Is this something anyone else has had done.I would like to hear from you- and you can inbox me at

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone. I'll be getting a free oil change tommorow as part of a secret shop I have to do locally. Although I still have to pay out the $40, I will receive that back afterwards. We all know, free is nice.

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