Some Big Savings For Us

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I needed tires for my car. With the snow just around the corner, my tires Gerry said were in bad shape. Chewed up rims, leaking tires, and 2 with no threads left on them. Cost new yet on sale- over $900 for all 4 with rims- all season tires.Too much for me.
Cost today from the auto place that sells used car parts, etc.?
4 tires and rims- all good threads and rims:$350 -taxes included and installation.
Paid to shop around!

Second savings: My washer. Repaired a few times by Gerry and we needed a new one.A few problems.Getting $75 for the 6 year old older one and got the new one cheaper by asking for a better deal and taking it to go in our own truck-$385. Taxes included.
So the $385 minus the $75 for the old one=$310. We feel we are got a great deal!

(And for those wondering, yes, the guy buying it knows about the problems, but quite possible can do his own repairs).


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