Review: Ornaments With Love

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I really love personalized Christmas ornaments and each year, for the past two years have gotten one from Ornaments With Love.This year, I chose one with bears as I really think teddy bears are cute, and one that I could personalize with both our names, and my new married last name,( since we only got married at the end of October.)

Gerry is going to really love this one. It's hard keeping it a secret till Christmas as I am so proud of the work that they did at Ornaments With Love.

I'll also have to make sure Gerry stays off my web site. I told him this is the time of year when I start sharing things with my readers that I might concern him and Christmas, so it's best he don't peak!

Ornaments With Love carries a fine selection of personalized Christmas ornaments for any occasion – a gift that tells someone how much you care.

Did you know that personalized Christmas ornaments are a wonderful way to record memories of life's events and activities and a thoughtful way to show how much you care?

Ornaments With Love carry over 2000+ ornaments, with many catagories to choose from- so many that you'll be spending alot of time looking and having a hard time to decide!

Ornaments with Love is a company run by a family that has been in the retail gifts business for over 50 years.A company trusted for great service and a great gift idea.


  1. I love that! Those would make great gifts too. Yah, you had better keep Gerry busy so he doesn't spend too much time on the computer and discover your "little" secret.
    Love, Mom


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