College Students Prepare To Spend $3 Billion on Textbooks Over The Next Three Weeks

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I know with having two older daughters go to school beyond high school, that textbooks cost a small fortune.

But did you know that over the next three weeks, college students (and their parents) will spend more than $3 billion on the most essential of all winter back-to-school items: textbooks. The average students spends nearly $700 on textbooks for the new semester, but an increasing number are bringing these costs down by eschewing "New" textbooks in favor of "Rentals." Four years ago, "New" textbooks accounted for 70% of all sales, but has dropped to about 34% today. "Rentals" hardly existed four years ago, but now account for nearly 40% of all sales. (E-textbooks have yet to catch on, as less than 7% of all textbook transactions are for e-books.),is one of the pioneers in online textbook sales for students.

It's also an opportunity to make money from home. is  a great place to sell textbooks through their textbook buyback program. Get paid with direct deposit, and ship them your books for free. Whether you or your children are looking for new textbooks, used textbooks, eTextbooks, textbook rental, or to sell your textbooks, you are sure to find that alternative that will best fit your family's need.

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