Valentines Day Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Friday, January 13, 2012

Choosing the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special man in your life can be a challenge. So consider your valentine's interests and the amount of money you can spend. The best gift to give is one that shows a lot of thought went into the gift just for him. Some items never grow old, so check out some that remains top rated every year.

Gifts That Keep Giving

Some gifts continue to give long after Valentines Day has gone. Here are some of the favorites.

Subscription to a favorite magazine

Season tickets to a sporting event

Beer or wine club of the month

Hunting license

Fruit or food basket of the month

Adventure Gift of a Lifetime

Some men just like the feeling of an adrenal rush. If your valentine is one of them, listed here is a sampling of high adventure activities.

Sky diving

Scuba diving

Zip lining


Hot air balloon ride

Satisfy His Need for Electronic Gadgets

Many men love electronic gadgetry. Since this is the age of high-tech accessories, you have thousands of options. If none of these seems right, you can easily find one that will.

Universal remote

Digital camera

IPOD touch

Hand held organizer

Home theater stereo system

Catering to a Homebody

Life is hectic so many men cherish the time they get to spend at home relaxing. Your valentine may prefer home to any other place in the world. Fix his favorite foods, give him a gift for home and let down time begin.

I-Tunes gift card


Video or computer games


Flat screen HD TV

Gifts for a Pretty Boy

Some men want every hair in place before they leave the house. Appearance is his priority and it is not hard to find a gift that fits him perfectly.

High quality watch


Custom-made clothing

Gift card for a hair cut and pedicure

Plush briefcase or computer bag

Valentines Gifts on a Budget

If money is tight, do not despair. Search out Valentines Day deals and create a unique gift with a lot of love and a little money.

Gift basket with small items he will love

Coupon book of things you will do for him

Fill a box with his favorite homemade snacks

Clean his room or apartment

Be his servant for the day

It does not matter how much you spend as long as the gift is sincere. The act of trying to purchase something he will like says it all. I am sure you agree that as long as your gift is full of love and comes from the heart, he will adore anything you give him.

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