What’s Hot and What’s Not – Appliance Trends For 2012.

Monday, January 30, 2012

It’s getting steamy...

Washing machines that use steam are big news for 2012. Steam can reach higher temperatures than water, and so can penetrate much deeper into fabrics, which means stain removal is not a problem. Your clothes will be as good as new when washed with steam, over and again. These steam machines also use less water than traditional washing machines, so they’re better for the environment (and your bank balance!) The LG Steam Direct Drive F1479FDS6 is a gorgeous looking steam washing machine, and its 20 minute Steam Refresh cycle can lift odours from lightly soiled clothes so that they’re ready-to-wear again in no time at all.

Green is the new black...

With everyone tightening their belts, efficient appliances have never been more popular. Energy prices are on the rise, so a super-green appliance can guarantee huge savings on your energy bills –exactly what you need in these tough times! Siemens have
recently released their new range of amazingly efficient A+++ fridge freezers. These technologically advanced models can save you 60% more energy than a standard A rated model – leaving you with spare cash after the bills have been paid! They’re packed full of features designed to keep your food fresher for longer too, so you’ll be throwing less wasted food away. The coolBox, for instance, (found on Siemens products) is the perfect place to store meat and fish. It keeps them at a lower temperature than the rest of the fridge, so when you cook them, they taste as delicious as they would’ve done on the day they were bought.

LG have also picked up on the trend of helping you to make your food last longer. One of LG’s newest models, the LG GWL227HHXV, has a V-Fresh compartment. V-Fresh technology is exclusive to the brand – it sucks the air out of a special compartment to keep your veggies fresher for longer than ever before – so you can stock up at the supermarket, safe in the knowledge your lettuce won’t be soggy in two days time.

What’s en vogue for refrigeration? French doors...

Making a stylish feature out of an appliance is easy with a French door fridge freezer. These models have side-by-side fridge doors, and a bottom drawer for the freezer. They look unusual and elegant – and the freezer drawers provide loads of space for frozen goodies. The Samsung RFG23DERS American fridge freezer has 127 litres of space inside the freezer – the ideal amount of storage space for a larger family’s weekly shop. You don’t even need the space in your kitchen for an American style model to embrace the French door trend either – LG’s brand new GM5148AERV is only 70cm wide, and has 3 freezer drawers with a whopping 109 litres of freezer space.

Love the style, but not sure about the price? Affordable alternatives to these models are Hotpoint’s Quadrios. Available in gun metal grey, stainless steel and black, these fridge freezers provide good looking, high quality refrigeration for a bargain price. They’re so stylish, they’ve even featured in television programmes and cooking shows.

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