Canada It's Here! The Hottest Dinner Tote This Season: KFC Canada Family Dinner Box

Monday, March 19, 2012

Get a handle on dinner with KFC Canada. For the first time in more than 50 years, the Colonel is offering an alternative to KFC’s world famous bucket ¾ a stylish, easy-grip dinner box that serves four.

The new KFC Family Dinner Box arrives in stores today — and caters to the whole family’s taste buds. Now, KFC Canada fans can pick and choose from an array of signature sandwiches and wraps, famous Original Recipe chicken, Mini Breast Fillets and an assortment of sides to create four customized meals all in one box! As an added bonus, the KFC Family Dinner Box is compact, easy to carry, and includes free popcorn chicken for sharing.

Chose from five main items including KFC famous sandwiches, wraps, and Original Recipe® chicken and four classic sides ¾ the dinner combinations are endless! Adventurous flavour seekers can savour a hot and spicy KFC Zinger® chicken sandwich with a side of zesty coleslaw, while purists can enjoy two pieces of Original Recipe® chicken and traditional fries – and the kids can munch on juicy, tender, white meat Mini Breast Fillets.

Only in Canada
The KFC Family Dinner Box is making its first North American debut in Canada – after blockbuster sales and success in Australia, where it was recently introduced. Currently, KFC Family Dinner Box is not available south of the border.

While  the new Family Dinner Box is sure to become a popular menu addition in Canada,  the iconic bucket is still here to stay.

“The bucket is a true classic – it’s original, just like KFC. Nothing pleases a crowd like a bucket of fresh, delicious KFC Original recipe® chicken and KFC’s Family Dinner Box is a new twist on a favourite classics that creates more options for variety and convenience when you have four to feed.”

Bucket Background

Original Recipe® chicken was first perfected and introduced by KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders more than 50 years ago in Corbin, Kentucky. The famous 11 herbs and spices recipe remains a secret to this day, hidden in a high-security, top-secret vault located in Louisville, Kentucky.

When it was first introduced in 1957, the KFC bucket became an instant packaging classic that revolutionized take-out dining. Since then, the trademark red and white KFC bucket has been embraced by countries around the world.

The new KFC Family Dinner Box is available for both takeout and delivery at participating KFC locations across Canada. Visit to find the KFC nearest you.

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  1. Love KFC, the comfort food. Once a month I always treat my family and everyone is happy, happy. Sunday dinners make it special.

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