Thursday- March 1

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Well, yesterday, I put 4 new tires on my car, to the tune of $540. Some of you may remember me buying tires months back, praising buying used tires for $350.I thought I was getting a good deal till two of the tires showed signs of slow leaks. Gerry didn't think it would be a good idea to take the car to the airport, ( 6 hours away), and leave it there for a week, in case once we got back, we could have a flat, so we took the truck.Good thing, as my one tire had a complete flat when we got back and could not even stay filled. This meant looking for at least two new tires so we could be "balanced" Gerry said...I don't know.. I just went with it. Found a deal at Canadian Tire where we got $195 tires for $114 each plus the cost to install, so we just bought 4. As we usually have used the car on road trips, to us, it was a good investment- plus we were able to pay cash. Not happy with parting with money like that for tires but peace of mind.

On another note, we were suppose to be off to Branson, Mo. in May but are sadly cancelling that trip. We had booked this a year ago through our timeshare, using points we had saved, but with having troubles with flights that didn't work for us, it's just best that we cancel for now and book someplace else when we see a good seat sale. Alot of times with our timeshare ownership, we can get great last minute deals on condo stays for less than $300 a week, but when you have to pay airfare that is super high to get there, it quickly brings down the high of getting a great deal on your accomodations.
I think I will from now on,I'll  be looking at great airfare deals first and book my travel around that.


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